It’s the most powerful team-up of the year—the nation’s most popular sport meets the world’s most popular comic company! Tonight on ESPN’s Monday Night Countdown, the popular sports channel examines Philadelphia Eagles record-breaking free safety Brian Dawkins’ love of Wolverine and how he’s integrated the X-man into his football life. Watch as Marvel Comics Editor-in-Chief Joe Quesada speaks about how Wolverine and Dawkins may not be that different, while industry legend John Romita Jr re-imagines two of Dawkins’ memorable moments. You’ll see the process of Romita sketching Dawkins as Wolverine from blank page to finished pencils right before your eyes, in this special segment filmed on location at the Marvel Comics offices!

ESPN’s Monday Night Countdown, with special guests John Romita Jr and Joe Quesada, is scheduled to air at 8pm EST. Check your local listings for time and channel.