"I will need to bring contractors back, but I could not in good conscience let them keep working and accruing more debt until I knew I'd be able to pay them."

Josh tells me, “As of this week we're shipping product again, all be it there will be a few delays between issues of certain titles as artists start working again, and I'm not going to say there won't be any casualties that don't make the cut in the coming months. ‘Hack/Slash,’ ‘Mercy Sparx,’ ‘Halloween,’ ‘I Am Legion,’ ‘Rest,’ ‘Vampire Hunter D’ and others are moving along."

Josh tells me, “I can't tell you how dreadful it is to have to let people go during the Holidays, but I think that we will come out of all of this a stronger company for it. The systems and procedures that I created to keep the company running for the past 8 years are still in place, books are still coming out and I'm still at the helm like I've always been."

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