Media Release -- Just when you think summer is about to end, Oni Press begins to shudder with excitement over the return of Junior Braves of the Apocalypse Vol 2: Out of the Woods! Written by Michael Tanner and Greg Smith, with art by Zach Lehner, this YA action/adventure story is perfect for young horror fans and hits shelves in both hardcover and paperback editions August 8th.

In a zombie wasteland of unknown origin, Troop 65 marshals onwards in the hopes of finding their families in Seattle, the nearest logical evacuation location. After a difficult journey by land and river, they make a stop in a suburban town that serves as ground zero of a battle between a corporate office that may have caused the apocalypse and the survivors from the nearby Native American reservation.

Praise for Junior Braves of the Apocalypse:

"Junior Braves is an all-ages title, so even though the undead are walking the streets, it's something that can be enjoyed by kids and adults alike." -

"Junior Braves deserves a merit badge for excitement!" - Chris Schweizer (The Creeps, The Crogan Adventures)

"This thrilling adventure will keep readers biting their nails on the edge of their seats, while the black, white, and green tricolor illustrations evocatively portray what sure seems to be the end times." - Foreword Reviews

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