This December, return to Garth Ennis' fascinating post apocalyptic world, brilliantly illustrated by legendary Judge Dredd artist Carlos Ezquerra, as Dynamite Entertainment presents the Complete Just a Pilgrim Hardcover.

The "Pilgrim" was a U.S. Marine prior to "the burn" and during one mission, he and his comrades were left adrift at sea in a lifeboat, and forced to resort to cannibalism to survive, with Pilgrim being the only survivor by the time help arrived. During his incarceration for subsequent crimes against humanity, but before the great "Burn" the Pilgrim found God and after the Burn, when the sun had claimed the lives and life-giving water of the Earth, he found purpose.

Now, for the first time ever - the series that features the signature anti-hero, as created by writer Garth Ennis and artist Carlos Ezquerra, has been collected in one incredible hardcover edition! Featuring both the original mini-series and the sequel ("Garden of Eden") mini-series together in a complete hardcover collection. This volume also contains a complete cover gallery featuring the work of Tim Bradstreet, JG Jones, Glenn Fabry, and many more!

Complete Just A Pilgrim HC

Complete Just A Pilgrim HC Signed Edition

Of the new Edition, writer Garth Ennis states: "Carlos and I are both delighted to see Pilgrim back in print again after so long. Kudos to Dynamite for rescuing the story from comic-book limbo."

"With our growing library of incredible books written by Garth - including The Boys and upcoming Battlefields, Pilgrim stands as a welcome addition to the Dynamite backlist. We hope anyone that may not have read, will do so in December. And those fans that have read the series can now acquire a high end edition to be added to their libraries," exclaimed Dynamite President and Publisher, Nick Barrucci.

The Complete Just a Pilgrim Hardcover continues Dynamite's successful publishing of Garth Ennis' work. Dynamite, who publishes Ennis and artist Darick Robertson's co-creation, The Boys, as well as Ennis' World War II series, Battlefields, has sold out of multiple printings of The Boys Vol. I, II and the just released Volume III.

The Complete Just a Pilgrim Hardcover is available for pre-order now with a schedules ship date of December 2008.

COMPLETE JUST A PILGRIM HC (OCT084032) Written by Garth Ennis, Art by Carlos Ezquerra, Cover By: Mark Texeira