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Kick-Ass #4
Marvel Comics
Millar & Romita Jr.

Let’s be clear about this review: I loved this comic. I don’t know much of a review I can give without a) spoiling everything or b) repeating myself so this may be brief. The comic is divided into three sections. We have the blood spilling carrying over from the previous issue, then we have the grief in the aftermath and then we have the establishment of a villain. The artwork is insane. It is by far the best of the series, which has already been outstanding.

You may recall that Dave was taking a beating when in walked in a little girl with some swords and she cut the bad guys to pieces. Well in this issue she actually takes the gloves off and gets dirty. Holy Moses was this graphic and it was outstanding. The girl, Hit-Girl, is out of that scene in Kill Bill when Uma Thurman goes crazy on the ninjas. It’s that bloody. In an odd twist she ditches Dave for a third Superhero. Some huge dude named, Big Daddy.

Dave is beside himself. He becomes paranoid that the cops will find him due to all the bodies (and parts) found in the room he visited. He grapples with giving up the costume. He realizes he is nothing compared to the little girl he just saw. He basically regresses into his old self with his lame friends. He is still pretending to be gay with his girlfriend though because he does have some self-respect.

Kick Ass #4

Finally, the issue ends with a mob guy piecing together who keeps butchering his men. It shouldn’t come as a surprise to learn he is eyeballing Dave as well as the two new superheroes. We have ourselves a real villain with a real strong motive to start knocking the good guys off and he’s pissed. It’s got another gruesome and awesome ending.

The artwork is where this story launches itself into the stratosphere. I can’t explain how violent and brutal the visuals are and yet, it’s so delicate with the facial expressions. The comic is worth it just to pick it up and look through it. I can’t imagine someone not into some gore not wanting this thing. The artwork is simply flawless in it’s story telling.

The comic itself is so entertaining that it reads as well skimming the pictures as it does just reading the words. This issue doesn’t give the crazy cliffhanger that last issue did but it was a squeamish ending nonetheless.

I am out of ways to describe this comic. If you like out of the box thinking on ordinary superheroes or vigilantes with some excellent dialogue and awesome art then pick this up. My only complaint is the thing doesn’t ship too frequently. On the other hand it is very new reader friendly. Don’t miss this comic before it gets too huge.

5 out of 5 geek goggles