Elton John LA 1975

Launching your Elton John poster collection might be easier than it seems. With such a storied career with shows across the world, your choices are endless. There are different eras that you can focus your search on; the period before rehab, the recent world tour, any time. Factor in extensive touring, and starting on this collection (assuming you enjoy this piano man) is a snap. Let's check out a few eye-catching possibilities.


Starting with a few Elton John throwbacks

Elton John UK showPerhaps it's due to the recent nostalgia surrounding Elton John. Maybe it's this last career tour (which might not even fully finish). Whatever the case might be, there's a lot of love for this guy. That helps those looking for a good starting point. If you've checked out my previous articles, then you might notice an affinity for Madison Square Garden shows and somewhat unexpected posters. Yet again, the latter is where I'm starting with this poster search.

Elton John isn't this subdued very often. A simple outline with barely enough information to show that this is a concert taking place. A bit of subtlety is a nice change of pace. Plus, it's very accessible for only $9.99 over at eBay. It's a poster that shouldn't be difficult to find. This poster also is from 1972, fitting into the theme of when John really started coming into his own stylistically. For those interested in another direction from the 1970s, there's something a bit less subtle below.

Elton John 1975This one shows a bit more of John's style, although it still does not fully capture his eccentric fashion. A major difference between the poster above and this one is that it's an original print, from this UK show in 1975. Original posters are a bit harder to find, and their price reflects that.

Just over $100 isn't bad for an original poster that's around 45 years old. The Midsomer Music festival at Wembley Stadium in 1975 also featured Chaka Khan and The Beach Boys. So, the value tied to this poster is understandable. Originals can fluctuate quite a bit as well due to their condition, more so than other reprinted concert posters.



Checking out artwork

The vintage, throwback posters are colorful and dazzling. But, one thing older posters don't have are the design capabilities that newer posters do. That's the conflict between nostalgia and technology. Fortunately, as a collector you do not have to choose one or the other. A newer poster that's on my radar takes the best of both worlds.

Elton John Dodger stadium

This one is a great combination of what today's artwork capabilities are, and how those capabilities can capture nostalgic moments. John's Dodger Stadium performance is one of his most memorable shows. Baseball jerseys, numerous photos on canvass, and now this poster reminds us of those August afternoons in Los Angeles.

This poster also comes with an actual baseball card of Elton John. For those of us who are music and sports junkies, it's the best of both worlds. There are 300 copies available of this image, and 250 available of an all-foil version.

The $75 version depicted here is the one I'm after. As of today, there are still copies available of this version. With so many posters to choose from, the only question for you to answer is which poster do you want the most.


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