Loners #1 Sells Out

Marvel Comics is pleased to announce that Loners #1, the debut issue of writer C.B Cebulski and artist Karl Moline’s new limited series, has sold out at Diamond. Following the trials and tribulations of former teen heroes who seek support in removing themselves from superheroics, The Loners has drawn rave reviews from all corners.

Loners #2

Loners #3

“C.B. Cebulski does a brilliant job of humanizing these down-on-their-luck ex-crimefighters and making the concept his own,” said Ben Morse of WizardUnvierse.Com. “It’s definitely worth your $2.99.”

Richard George of IGN.Com raved that Loners, “is an absolutely fascinating and ambitious concept.”
“The Loners charmed me in a few short pages, and progressively grew on me as I read,” Troy Brownfield of Newsarama, adding, “a debut like this has a real future.”

Scott Williams of Comixtreme gushed, “This issue was a solid start to one of the most promising mini-series I can recently recall… I would love to see these characters continue in an ongoing series after this.”

The sentiment was echoed by Tobey Cook of SilverBulletComicBooks.Com, who said, “This book is a fantastic read.”
Please note that copies of The Loners #1 may be available at the retail level. There are no plans to go back to press at this time. Marvel advises retailers to check their orders for upcoming issue of this hit limited series that shows a decidedly different corner of the Marvel Universe.

LONERS #2 (of 6)
Written by C.B. CEBULSKI
Penciled by KARL MOLINE
Rated T+ …$2.99
On Sale- 5/2/07