It's that time of year again, true believers! The one, the only, the stupendous San Diego Comic-Con International is mere days away! We have (and will have) all the goodies a Marvel Zombie could want right here, from panel and signing schedules to news, links and photos. Check it out!


Panel Schedule:
WHAT: X-Men Panel
WHEN: 1:45pm – 2:45pm
WHERE: Room 6B
THE 411: The X-Men have a new home and a new direction in "Manifest Destiny." Join this star-studded, must-attend panel with the writers of the X-Verse, including Ed Brubaker (UNCANNY X-MEN), Matt Fraction (UNCANNY X-MEN), Chris Yost (X-FORCE), Craig Kyle (X-FORCE), Daniel Way (DEADPOOL), Marjorie Liu (NYX), Axel Alonso (X-Men Group Editor), Nick Lowe (X-Men Editor), and more as they lay out the plans for this bold new direction!

WHAT: Marvel/Lionsgate: "Hulk vs. Wolverine" Screening
WHEN: 4:15pm – 5:45pm
THE 411: ALBERTA, Canada. Over the past week, The Incredible Hulk has been tearing a line across the Canadian wilderness, leaving a swathe of destruction in his wake. He has to be stopped, and there's only one man up to the job. He's the best at what he does, but what he does isn't very nice. He's Wolverine, an elite agent of Canada's top secret Department H, and he's been put on Hulk's trail with a single objective: stop the green goliath…at all costs. Hulk and Wolverine are about to enter the fiercest battle of their lives. And they have no idea that there are a few unpleasant surprises waiting for them on the other side. Come meet Craig Kyle (Supervising Producer/Co-Writer), Frank Paur (Producer/Supervising Director), Christopher Yost (Co-Writer) and others involved in this Marvel Animation Milestone and watch the complete "Hulk vs. Wolverine" before it's January 2009 Blu-ray and DVD release.

WHAT: Mondo Marvel Panel
WHEN: 4:45pm – 5:45pm
WHERE: Room 6A
THE 411: 2008 has already been a huge success for Marvel in all corners of the Universe. Now, join the industry's top editors and creators like Greg Pak (SKAAR: SON OF HULK), Matt Fraction (INVINCIBLE IRON MAN), Ed Brubaker (CAPTAIN AMERICA), Jeff Parker (AGENTS OF ATLAS), Warren Simons (Editor), Mark Paniccia (Editor), Jim McCann (Publishing) and special guests to find out what's to come for Iron Man, Hulk, Daredevil, cosmic, the FF, and all things Marvel!


Panel Schedule:
WHAT: Marvel: Your Universe Panel
WHEN: 10am – 11am
WHERE: Room 6A
THE 411: Become an integral member of the Marvel Creative Committee as Kevin Feige (President, Studios), Dan Buckley (President, Publishing), Joe Quesada (Editor-In-Chief, Publishing), and Craig Kyle (Senior Vice President, Creative Development, Animation) sit down with you and get your thoughts on all things Marvel. We'll be revealing what is on the horizon with Marvel Studios, Publishing, and Animation and looking for your feedback and insights on what we've done and what we are planning to do. From the day that The House of Ideas was built, Marvel has been your universe and now more than ever we'd like to hear what you have to say about everything from Marvel Cinematic Continuity to our upcoming slate of new animated television series in 2009 to the Skrull infiltration of our world.

WHAT: Cup o' Joe Panel
WHEN: 11:30am – 12:30pm
THE 411: Join the EEK himself, Joe Quesada, and surprise guests as they unveil what's in store for all your favorite Marvel characters & creators, make some surprising announcements and take on any and all questions!! As always, this is the one, no-holds barred panel that everyone's gonna be talking about, and the one panel you don't want to miss!!!

WHAT: To the Nth Degree Panel
WHEN: 3:30pm – 4:30pm
WHERE: Room 6A
THE 411: In today's world, comic-loving fans should be able to enjoy their graphic entertainment in the most thoroughly modern media. On Friday, Marvel will unveil a covert project that we have been seeding as part of a secret partnership for many months--including a sneak peek--of an unprecedented way to experience a new work by one of the biggest names in entertainment (we didn't say comic books, we said ENTERTAINMENT). Featuring Joe Quesada (Marvel Editor-in-Chief) and Ruwan Jayatilleke (SVP Marvel Strategic Development) and others that shall not be named at the moment. The game is about to be changed.

WHAT: Marvel/Lionsgate: "Next Avengers: Heroes of Tomorrow" Screening
WHEN: 8:30pm – 10pm
WHERE: Room 6A
THE 411: Whenever the forces of evil threatened mankind, Earth's mightiest heroes, the Avengers, were there to stop them — until they made the ultimate sacrifice in their final fight with the indestructible robot, Ultron. But all was not lost for Tony Stark (Iron Man) kept the children of the Avengers safe and raised them to become the teenage heroes of tomorrow. But it will take more than five teens to destroy the machine that defeated their parents. If these young heroes have any hope of winning, they must find the missing Hulk and come together as…the Next Avengers! Come meet Craig Kyle (Supervising Producer), Gary Hartle (Producer/Supervising Director), Christopher Yost (Writer) and others involved in this new animated film and watch "Next Avengers" before it's September 2, 2008 Blu-Ray and DVD release.


Panel Schedule:
WHAT: "Iron Man: Armored Adventures" Screening
WHEN: 10am – 11am
THE 411: Tony Stark, heir to a billion-dollar corporation, lives a life of luxury, free to pursue his chief interests -- seeking extreme thrills, solving scientific mysteries and creating mind-boggling inventions. But everything goes horribly wrong when a tragic accident robs Tony of his father and nearly costs him his own life. Now dependent on his own impressive technology for survival and dedicated to battling corruption, Tony must reconcile the pressure of teenage life with the duties of a super hero. Inside his remarkable invention, Tony Stark is geared for high-speed flight, high-tech battles and high-octane adventure! He is Iron Man. Come meet Josh Fine (Marvel Studios), Christopher Yost (Head Writer) and others involved with this exciting new animated series and watch an episode of "Iron Man: Armored Adventures" before it's Nicktoons 2009 premiere.

WHAT: Secret Invasion Panel
WHEN: 4:30pm – 5:30pm
WHERE: Room 6A
THE 411: The best-selling event of 2008 is at its midpoint. Come get your first look at what's in store and what's to come in the Marvel U when the dust settles…assuming there is a Marvel Universe when it's all done! Guests include Joe Quesada (Editor-In-Chief), writers Greg Pak (INCREDIBLE HERCULES), Chris Gage (AVENGERS: THE INITIATIVE), Chris Yost (SECRET INVASION: RUNAWAYS/YOUNG AVENGERS), Daniel Way (DEADPOOLl) and more!

WHAT: The Ultimate Universe Must Die! Panel
WHEN: 6pm – 7pm
THE 411: The end of the Ultimate Universe is coming, and only these guys know how it's going down. Join the men behind ULTIMATUM – writers Jeph Loeb (ULTIMATES & TV's "Heroes"), Aron Coleite (ULTIMATE X-MEN), Joe Pokaski (TV's "Heroes") and Joe Quesada (Editor-In-Chief) – as they reveal why this is the end. And you'll never guess who's returning!!

WHAT: "Wolverine and the X-Men" Screening
WHEN: 8:30pm – 10pm
THE 411: When an explosive event shatters the lives of the X-Men and takes away their mentor, the beaten heroes walk away from it all. But then they're given a rare glimpse into the future, and see a world in utter ruin, ruled by mutant hunting Sentinels. So now the most legendary of all X-Men takes the lead - Wolverine! Reuniting these broken heroes, Wolverine embarks on the ultimate mission - to prevent the world's destruction. To rescue us from ourselves. To save the future. Come meet Boyd Kirkland (Lead Director), Craig Kyle (Supervising Producer), Greg Johnson (Head Writer) and others involved with this new animated series and watch the first three episodes of this epic new X-Men series before it's Nicktoons 2009 premiere.


Panel Schedule:
WHAT: Women in Marvel Panel
WHEN: 10:30am – 11:30am
WHERE: Room 6A
THE 411: She-Hulk and Ms. Marvel are powerhouses in the Marvel U, now meet the real women powerhouses who work in Marvel Comics today! Writers Robin Furth (DARK TOWER) & Marjorie Liu (NYX), Jen Grunwald (Editor), colorist Christina Strain (RUNAWAYS), and Occasional Superheroine's Valerie D'Orazio are here to answer your question about their titles, announce new projects, and explain how more women are breaking into comics every day!

WHAT: TV Writers of Marvel Panel
WHEN: 1pm – 2pm
WHERE: Rooms 7AB
THE 411: "Heroes," "Eli Stone," "Carnivale," "Underworld," and "Big Love." You love these shows & films, but did you know the writers behind them are also at Marvel? Find out what's in store for some of TV, movies, and comics' biggest projects from the people behind them with Jeph Loeb (ULTIMATES), Aron Coleite (ULTIMATE X-MEN), Joe Pokaski (SECRET INVASION: INHUMANS), Marc Guggenheim (AMAZING SPIDER-MAN), Daniel Knauf (IRON MAN), Kevin Grevioux (NEW WARRIORS), and Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa (THE STAND)!