Marvel Announces Avengers Fairy Tales and Spider-Man Fairy Tales

X-Men Fairy Tales writer C.B. Cebulski’s working his magic again, spinning his tales into the worlds of Spider-Man and the Avengers with two 2007 mini-series, Spider-Man Fairy Tales and Avengers Fairy Tales.

“We've got Spider-Man Fairy Tales coming up in May,” says editor Molly Lazer. “That's being written by C.B. Cebulski, who did X-Men Fairy Tales. We're doing a Little Red Riding Hood issue, which I don't think will be what people expect in regards to who's cast as what character and what we're trying to say using the Little Red Riding Hood story. Ric Tercio is going to be doing the artwork for that. It'll be his first Marvel work. We'll be doing a story based on Japanese myths and ghost stories. We're doing a story based on the African tale of the trickster, Anansi, the spider. And we came up with a neat idea for a Cinderella story that also won’t be what people are going to expect. It's exciting.

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