Avengers: The Initiative – NOW ONGOING!

Due to popular demand and an increased importance in the overall tapestry of the post-CIVIL WAR Marvel Universe, the upcoming AVENGERS: THE INITIATIVE has now been made an ongoing series, adding a third ongoing Avengers title to the Marvel line up in the core Universe!

Avengers Initiative #2

Executive Editor Tom Brevoort explains the decision to make the leap to ongoing, “With the reader and retailer reaction to the climax of CIVIL WAR, and the general interest in precisely what comes next for Tony Stark’s Fifty State Initiative, it only made sense to us to promote AVENGERS: THE INITIATIVE to a full ongoing series, rather than just a limited. The number of story possibilities set in place by the new status quo of the Marvel Universe are almost endless, and we’re sure that fans will want to experience them all along with writer Dan Slott and artist Stefano Caselli.”

The first issue of this exciting new ongoing series will hit the first week of April. Retailers are encouraged to check their orders for the most buzzed-about book under The Initiative banner!

Avengers Initiative #1

Written by DAN SLOTT
50/50 Covers by JIM CHEUNG
Rated T+ …$2.99
FOC – 3/15, On-Sale – 4/4/2007