Civil War Funeral in Punisher War Journal #4

Frank Castle’s first super-victim in his renewed war on super-crime is laid out to rest amongst the ashes of Civil War in Punisher War Journal #4. It’s the funeral of Stilt Man and the super villain community gathers to pay their respects for not only a fallen friend, but a lost way of life.

Punisher War Journal #4

Be here for a MUST SEE funeral attended by a veritable who’s who of Marvel villains. It’s everyone from the Shocker to Dr. Doom! Spider-Man even swings by to say goodbye.

Raise a glass as we remember an inept, but very tall, super villain in Punisher War Journal #4; the first of many Punisher victims to come.

Written by Matt Fraction
Pencils and Cover by Mike Deodato
Rated T+ …$2.99
FOC – 2/1, On-Sale – 2/21/2007

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