Check out these sneak previews of some of the Marvel Comics that will be available 07/11/07.

Amazing Spider-Girl #10 Written by TOM DEFALCO Pencils and Cover by RON FRENZ 'CARNAGE!' Part 2 of 4 Caught in a war between Maria Hill and the Contessa Valentina Allegro De Fountaine, Spider-Girl must also battle the reborn Carnage who is targeting the students and facility of Midtown High as well as the Parker family! Guest-starring: Kaine and Darkdevil! 32 PGS./Rated A 2.99


Anita Blake: Vampire Hunter The First Death #1 Written by LAURELL K. HAMILTON & JONATHON GREEN Penciled by Wellinton Alves Cover by BRETT BOOTH Her fans have been asking for it and now Laurell K. Hamilton is going to deliver. Laurell K. Hamilton, Dabel Brothers Productions, and Marvel are coming together to give readers a look into Anita Blake's past. Written by Laurell K. Hamilton herself, along with Jonathon Green, this July will see the release of part one of a two issue limited series that takes place almost a year before the events currently being chronicled in Guilty Pleasures. You will get to see the first time Anita and Jean-Claude meet, Anita's first time inside Guilty Pleasures, her first serial killer case, and a very early encounter with Edward. Prepare to be thrilled by this original story produced especially for comics. 40 PGS./Parental Advisory 3.99


Annihilation Conquest Wraith #1 Written by JAVIER GRILLO-MARXUACH Art by KYLE HOTZ Cover by CLINT LANGLEY Annihilation: Conquest continues here -- with the introduction of a dark addition to Marvel's galaxy of sci-fi stars! Who is the haunted loner known as Wraith? What are his chilling powers, how did he get them, and what is the tragic quest that drives him? Javier Grillo-Marxuach (TV's Lost and Medium) and Kyle Hotz (ZOMBIE) dare you to ride with Marvel's new gothic gunslinger! 32 PGS./Rated T+ 2.99


Deadpool/Gli - Summer Fun Spectacular #1 Written by DAN SLOTT Penciled by FABIAN NICEZA & VARIOUS MAGNIFICENT ARTISTS Cover by PAUL PELLETIER Wisconsin's only greatest heroes team-up with the world's most annoying deadliest merc in this slightly larger than average super sized special! Marvel as DEADPOOL and the newly--crowned GREAT LAKES INITIATIVE face off against hitmen, ninjas, and the POWER OF THE GODS! Swoon as the scintillating SQUIRREL GIRL is reunited with her first love, ROBBIE BALDWIN! And prepare yourself as DEADPOOL trains a GLI'er in one of the deadliest killing arts of all time!!! Ye gods, man! What are you waiting for? This thing's got time travel, strange bodily functions, and NINJAS? Did we mention the ninjas? Sick of ninjas yet? We thought so. That's so 80's, right? Forget about the ninjas. (They are there, though.) 48 PGS./Rated T+ 3.99


New Excalibur #21 Written by Chris Claremont Pencils and Cover by Jeremy Haun Cover by SCOT EATON 'BATTLE FOR ETERNITY' Captain Britain's most powerful enemy has declared war and he has some powerful allies. Plus, New Excalibur's first foes, the Dark X-Men, make their move! Part 4 (of 7)! 32 PGS./Rated A 2.99


Nova #4 Written by DAN ABNETT & ANDY LANNING Penciled by SEAN CHEN Cover by ADI GRANOV Annihilation: Conquest continues here -- as the Human Rocket zooms into the next sci-fi saga! Rich Rider stood toe to toe with Annihilus, but can the last remaining Nova Corps centurion face a foe that has an entire galaxy on lockdown? And what will happen when a man used to flying anywhere finds himself trapped with nowhere to run? Hang on tight as Dan Abnett & Andy Lanning (ANNIHILATION: NOVA) and Sean Chen (IRON MAN) take you inside the next cosmic war! 32 PGS./Rated T+ 2.99




Punisher War Journal #9 Written by MATT FRACTION Pencils and Cover by ARIEL OLIVETTI It's part 4 of 'Blood and Sand,' with the heart of the American dream at stake. G.W. Bridge is on the hunt. Clarke is on the run. Tati's in hell. And THE PUNISHER discovers the horrible secret of Hate Monger's empire buried beneath the desert floor. Which means this is the issue where the bodies start dropping and hope comes in short supply. Frank's insane crusade against the Hate Monger's diabolical murder sprees south of the border finds its bloody tipping point, and it's only going to get worse from here. Can one man stand against an army fueled by pure hate? 32 PGS./Rated T+ 2.99


Sub-Mariner #2 Written by MATT CHERNISS & PETER JOHNSON Penciled by PHIL BRIONES Cover by GABRIELE DELL'OTTO Atlantis has attacked America - but on whose orders? Now, as the leaders of men prepare to launch a war against the undersea kingdom, and Iron Man, Director of S.H.I.E.L.D., struggles to delay the inevitable, Namor wants answers! Will the Sub-Mariner have to take S.H.I.E.L.D. head-on? And will treacherous Atlanteans stab him in the back...? Peter Johnson & Matt Cherniss (POWERLESS) and international sensation Phil Briones (WHITE TIGER) bring you a bold new look at the mutant monarch of the ocean! 32 PGS./Rated T+ 2.99


World War Hulk Gamma Corps #1 Written by FRANK TIERI Penciled by CARLOS FERREIRA Cover by STEPHANE ROUX The Hulk. The Abomination. The Leader. The Harpy. Doc Samson. Born of gamma radiation, they represented a new chapter of humanity. Now, spawned through their respective DNA has come the next generation... the Gamma Corps. Recruited and trained by the enigmatic General Ryker, their mission is a simple one-- to kill the Incredible Hulk. And considering he's facing 5-1 odds, is that a mission even this new and improved version of the Green Goliath can prevent? 32 PGS. Each/Rated A 2.99


X-Factor #21 Written by PETER DAVID Pencils and Cover by PABLO RAIMONDI In a castle of ice in a far off land, a fearsome being called the Isolationist sits and waits and plans...except he need wait no longer. He is coming to Mutant Town, and is seeking out Jamie Madrox. But whether he and X-Factor will be enemies or allies pales in comparison to the shocking developments involving Guido's new job offer, Rictor's unexpected call to action, Siryn and Monet's new case, and--most stunning of all--Layla's disturbing discovery of something even she didn't know. 32 PGS./Rated T+ 2.99