Check out these sneak previews of some of the Marvel Comics that will be available 08/15/07.

Annihilation Conquest Quasar #2

Written by CHRISTOS GAGE Penciled by MIKE LILLY Cover by MATT WILSON The epic quest to solve the secret of CONQUEST continues! Racing against the clock, pursued by a merciless adversary, Quasar -- the rookie Protector of the Universe -- and the former Avenger known as Moondragon arrive on a barren world which just may contain the key to saving an entire galaxy. But what dark twist will turn their journey upside-down? Your eyes won't believe the shock ending that writer Christos Gage (WORLD WAR HULK: X-MEN) and Mike Lilly (Vampirella) have cooked up! 2.99


Captain America #29

Written by ED BRUBAKER Pencils by STEVE EPTING & MIKE PERKINS Cover by STEVE EPTING Nominated for the Eisner Award for Best Continuing Series! The Red Skull's minions have crawled out of the shadows to make another strike at the American spirit, still reeling from the death of Captain America. But this time, they've got the Winter Soldier. A very mad Winter Soldier, gunning for them, with vengeance in his sights! All this, and Sharon and the Falcon fighting for their lives, too! 2.99


Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #23

Written by PETER DAVID Pencils by TODD NAUCK Cover by PAOLO RIVERA It's the end of an era as Peter David and Todd Nauck wrap up their run with a BLACK IN BLACK tie-in that finally brings J. Jonah Jameson face to face with the man he hates most...Peter Parker! 2.99


New X-Men #41

Written by CHRISTOPHER YOST & CRAIG KYLE Pencils and Cover by SKOTTIE YOUNG 'QUEST FOR MAGIK' - CONCLUSION It all comes down to this! The New X-Men fight for their very souls against Belasco as the 'Quest for Magik' concludes. Who will control Limbo? What is the fate of Illyana Rasputin? The Astonishing X-Men and Doctor Strange guest star as souls are shattered and lives are changed forever, and the very fate of the world rests on the children of the Xavier Institute. FEATURING ENDANGERED SPECIES CHAPTER 8 - Beast's dark decent plummets to terrible depths as he does the unthinkable-digging up long-dead remains on Genosha for scientific experimentation... 2.99


Sub-mariner #3

The clock is ticking as Atlantis' rogue sleeper cell prepares to strike again...they've killed 900 civilians on U.S. shores already, and S.H.I.E.L.D. places the blame squarely on Namor! Can the undersea monarch find the killers in his kingdom before another terrorist attack claims more innocent lives, or will he be forced to defend Atlantis from a war waged by Tony Stark -- a.k.a. Iron Man, Director of S.H.I.E.L.D.? Will Namor find a helping hand or another enemy in Wolverine?? And just who's behind the wave of violence pitting the Sub-Mariner against the toughest challenge of his life?? Matt Cherniss and Peter Johnson (POWERLESS) and rising superstar Phil Briones (WHITE TIGER) set it off, featuring a jaw-dropping cover by Leinil Francis Yu! 32 PGS./Rated T+ 2.99


Wolverine: Origins #16 Written by DANIEL WAY Penciled by STEVE DILLON 50/50 Cover by MARKO DJURDJEVIC 50/50 Cover by ED MCGUINNESS 'OUR WAR,' Part 1 (of 5) Wolverine's history with Captain America revealed! In the early days of WWII, before America's 'official' involvement in the war, Captain America, still wet behind the ears, embarked on a clandestine mission to the island nation of Madripoor. Guess who he met there? And guess what? It wasn't a coincidence. Plus Logan & Cap's first WWII meeting from Uncanny X-men #268 3.99