Paul O'Brien writes The era of big events continues apace, as Marvel’s WORLD WAR HULK squares off against DC’s COUNTDOWN. And while WWH isn’t a sales juggernaut on quite the same scale as CIVIL WAR, it’s comfortably enough for Marvel to once again flatten DC in the North American direct market. The gap is narrower than last month, but Marvel still take the lead by 42% to 30% in dollar share, and 48% to 32% in unit share.

Marvel’s biggest new launch of the month was J Michael Straczynski and Olivier Coipel’s THOR, which returns from a period in limbo with vastly increased sales. Other major events include the X-books’ “Endangered Species” crossover; the debut of Matt Fraction and Barry Kitson’s ORDER; the start of the three ANNIHILATION: CONQUEST tie-in miniseries; and the interbrand promotional exercise you’ve all been waiting for, NEW AVENGERS/TRANSFORMERS.

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