Sneak Peak at newuniversal #3

In newuniversal, we find an Earth where everything is related and nothing happens without purpose. So is it a coincidence that John Tensen is a cop? That Kenneth Connell was asleep next to his girlfriend in a field? Is it a coincidence that the tomb Len Carson has been searching for unearthed during the White Event?

The White Event. The celestial phenomenon that changed the Earth as we knew it. A new universe has arrived. Earth is witnessing super humans for the first time.

In newuniversal #3, Warren Ellis and Salvador Larroca continue to bring you the tale of a new beginning for the end of the world. Both Ellis and Larroca have received acclaim for their previous works; now see what happens when these two superstars join forces.

Don’t miss the book that Jason Sacks of calls “an epic.”

newuniversal #3 (DEC062330)
Written by Warren Ellis
Pencils and Cover by Salvador Larroca
Rated T+ …$2.99
FOC – 1/18, On-Sale – 2/7/2007

Newuniversal #3

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