Nuclear missiles have been launched, Iron Man is nowhere to be seen and the Sentry is mourning the loss of his wife. Oh yeah, Ultron’s back and it’s taken the form of Janet Pym so it can wreak havoc on the world! In Mighty Avengers #5, from the red-hot superstar creative team of writer Brian Bendis and artist Frank Cho, it’s the penultimate chapter of the team’s first mission…but is there any way to defeat a foe who just won’t stay down? Ares, former villain turned ally is Earth’s Newest Mightiest Hero, but he may just be their last hope!

Luke Handley of SilverBulletComicBooks.Com praised the series, exclaiming, “Bendis seems to effortlessly combine good old superheroics with his usual trademark banter.”

With the entire world at risk, the Mighty Avengers put it all on the line to stop the seemingly unstoppable Ultron and when the dust clears, the team will never be the same again! It’s all coming up in Mighty Avengers #5 as Earth’s Mightiest confronts Earth’s Deadliest!


Pencils and Cover by FRANK CHO
Rated A …$2.99
FOC—9/27/07, On-Sale—10/17/07