Friday, August 24, 2007 - Moonstone Books, publisher of fine comics and graphic novels for the past 12 years, has jumped into an even more intimate form of storytelling: the printed word- prose that is.

With the success of Kolchak: The Night Stalker Chronicles, The Kolchak Casebook , The Spider Chronicles and the recently sold out The Phantom Chronicles, Moonstone Books decided to formally create a line of prose anthologies and novels based on their extensive library of original and licensed characters.

The most recent offering is Tales of Zorro, an anthology of original short prose, which marks the very first time there will be a collection of new Zorro short stories in the character's rich and wonderful history.

Tales of Zorro will include the work of New York Times best selling author Isabel Allende, Max Allan Collins, Greg Cox, A.C. Crispin, Peter David, Loren D. Estleman, Ed Gorman Nancy Holder, Guy Williams, Jr., Jan Adkins, Robin Wayne Bailey, Mike Bullock, Robert Greenberger Tim Lasiuta, Jeff Mariotte, Elizabeth Massie, Robert Morrish, Kathleen O'Malley, Andy Mangels, Michael A. Martin, and Jean Schanberger.

The anthology will feature stunning cover artwork by Spectrum award-winner Douglas Klauba and original interior illustrations by legendary Disney animator and sculptor Ruben Procopio!

In light of the rabid success enjoyed by The Phantom Chronicles hardcover, featuring original tales of The Ghost Who Walks, which sold out months before its release date, Moonstone is offering a limited hardcover of Tales of Zorro for presale:

Moonstone's prose library already includes the following titles, currently available at finer retailers worldwide:

The Kolchak Chronicles , which includes new creepy tales of television's first paranormal investigator, penned by such authors as Max Allan Collins, Peter David, Stuart M. Kaminsky, Elaine Bergstrom, PN Elrod, and more!

The Spider Chronicles , featuring new break-neck accounts of pulp fiction's most ruthless avenger, created by C.J. Henderson, John Jakes, Chuck Dixon, Steve Englehart, Ann Nocenti, and other modern pulp masters.

The Kolchak Casebook, which includes new tales of the macabre by P.N. Elrod, Christopher Golden, Robert Randisi, John Ostrander, and others.

The Phantom Chronicles (available in 2 weeks), the first ever collection of short fiction featuring the Ghost Who Walks, with adrenalin generating adventures written by: Mike Bullock, Craig Shaw Gardner, David Michelinie, Trina Robbins, Ed Rhoades and more.

The anthologies are joined by Moonstone's first novel, Kolchak: A Black and Evil Truth, one part thriller, one part horror and all nail-biter written by CJ Henderson!

Joining this already impressive list of prose collections is the long awaited

Doc Savage: The Lost Radio Scripts of Lester Dent: featuring never before seen original adventures of the legendary Doc Savage written by his creator!

The Kolchak Papers , featuring two Jeff Rice Kolchak novels under one cover: The Night Stalker, and The Night Strangler

Werewolves: Dead Moon Rising, a horror collection of freakish tales by:

The Avenger : new tales of the man born in tragedy, and driven to extremes- expressionless and with a mold-able face...

The Domino Lady: the curvy masked woman hero who uses everything at her disposal to get the job done!

Captain Midnight: action-adventure supreme with new emotional tales of the flying ace!

Limited edition hard covers of both the Doc Savage and Kolchak Papers are currently available for pre-order at

To accompany the launch of this new line, Moonstone is offering fine art prints

Starting this December, Moonstone will be offering a line of high quality lithographs that represent the best of Moonstone-some original and some from already published works. High-end quality, 18" x 24", signed and numbered, with some also offered with "remarquing" available!

The first two offerings, available for preorder at are

"American Samurai", a Buckaroo Banzai original work by Dave Dorman, and "Master of Men" a striking Spider painting by Doug Klauba.

More information regarding Moonstone Books, Zorro, Captain Action, Buckaroo Banzai, The Phantom and Moonstone's other properties, projects and staff can be found at