A-Team and Rocky star Mr. T is to appear in a new range of merchandise, thanks to a deal between British publisher Mohawk Media and award-winning on-demand merchandise manufacturer, Zazzle.

Based on Mohawk Media’s new Mr. T graphic novel, the products include Mr. T posters, mouse pads, key rings, mugs, real US postage stamps, and even a “T-Tie”.

Mr. T joins such world famous Zazzle partners as Lucasfilm’s Star Wars, Disney, FOX’s Family Guy, Mattel’s Barbie, Warner Bros.’ Scooby Doo, and rock band, KISS.

The design of the products has been overseen by Mr. T graphic novel author, Christopher Bunting, in his complementary role as Design and Creative Director.

Christopher Bunting says: “The craftsmanship of these Mr. T products is exceptional, and as importantly, they fully complement the Mr. T graphic novel.”

Bunting continues: “The extraordinary thing is that the customer can uniquely customize the product. For example, by choosing which images are used on a shirt, and even which style of shirt.”

“There’s a wonderful interactivity, which brings Mr. T to the 21st Century market with a trademark wallop!”

Stuart Buckley, editor at Mohawk Media adds: “We are called Mohawk Media for a good reason. It has always been our intention to diversify into new, exciting areas of media entertainment. This is that first step on the path to big things.”

The Mr. T products are available now through the Mohawk Media store at http://www.mohawkmedia.co.uk/store or http://www.zazzle.com/mohawkmedia?rf=238951291034315550

To allow for customization, all Mr. T products will be viewable in 3D imaging through Zazzle’s innovative Model Realviews technology.

Zazzle produces and ships most items within 24 hours.

The Mr. T graphic novel can be ordered from Mohawk Media at http://www.mohawkmedia.co.uk/store for the exclusive price of £6.95 (UK) / $15.95 (US) including delivery. Alternatively, ask at your local comic book store. The book's ISBN is: 978-0-9560189-0-8.