In the aftermath of Civil War, Ms. Marvel formed her own S.H.I.E.L.D strike force and now she’s adding two new heroes in Ms. Marvel #18! Written by Brian Reed and penciled by Aaron Lopresti, this brand new story arc introduces Sleepwalker and Machine Man to Ms. Marvel’s team, as Carol Danvers searches for the missing Arana. But when they discover the shocking reason for the heroine’s disappearance, it’ll leave Ms. Marvel—and readers—with their jaws on the floor!

“"Brian, Aaron Matt and Chris are once again bringing a classic Marvel villain back to haunt Ms. Marvel's life,” said series editor Stephen Wacker. “Not to give anything away, but if you imagine what a Darth Geppetto might be like, you'll have a good idea who wants to take Ms Marvel down for the count!"

Critics continue to praise Ms. Marvel, with SilverBulletComics.Com’s Zachary Matzo exclaiming, “You won’t be disappointed.”

With ties to the top-selling Initiative storyline and the formation of Ms. Marvel’s new super-ream, Marvel urges retailers to check their orders on Ms. Marvel #18. She’s battled her fellow heroes and her own best friend, so what threat could possibly overwhelm Ms. Marvel? It all leads into the battle you never saw coming!

MS. MARVEL #18 (JUN072172)
Written by BRIAN REED
Cover by GREG HORN
Rated A …$2.99
FOC—7/12/07, 8/01/07