The Wall Street Journal is running a feature on David B., creator of NBM Publishing’s new NOCTURNAL CONSPIRACIES: NINETEEN DREAMS. The WSJ piece, which quotes the artist on the 35-year process that went into making the book, is part of a wave of mainstream-media news on NBM’s publications.

• New York magazine has named Veronique Tanaka’s love story METRONOME to its list of 2008’s Top 10 graphic novels.

• The New York Times recommends Dirk Schwieger’s MORESUKINE: UPLOADED WEEKLY FROM TOKYO in its annual guide to the best gift books for the holidays.

• School Library Journal has placed Marc-Antoine Mathieu’s THE MUSEUM VAULTS on its list of 2008’s Best Adult Books for High-School Students.

• Publishers Weekly lists Rick Geary’s A TREASURY OF XXTH CENTURY MURDER: THE LINDBERGH CHILD among its Best Books of the Year.

The Wall Street Journal story on David B. and Nocturnal Conspiracies isn’t the paper’s first coverage of the man and his book. In September, the WSJ’s Brigid Grauman focused on them in her article “Cartoonist as Auteur: Europe’s Visionary Graphic Novelists.”

“We're literally giving the finger to the recession!” says proud NBM publisher Terry Nantier. Call him overconfident if you want, but a publisher whose books are getting such tremendous attention must be doing something right.

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