The kind folks at NBM have supplied ComicList with their solicitations for comics and other products shipping in August of 2007.

NBM Publishes Phil Yeh
Angel Skin, Glacial Period Also Available as NBM’s 30th Anniversary Year Rolls On

Dinosaurs Across America Hc

by Phil Yeh
Full-color sewn hardcover / 8” x 11”/ 23 pages,/ cover price $12.95 / ISBN 978-1-56163-509-2
The famous Patrick Rabbit and his dinosaur pals present the 50 states one by one in a full-color graphic novel by the creator of the popular Frank the Unicorn and Winged Tiger. Dinosaurs Across America began as one of the most popular comic books (180,000 sold) from Cartoonists Across America, a group that cartoonist Phil Yeh created to teach reading to kids. Now, the book is an exciting, educational graphic novel! Yeh — a tireless, popular promoter of literacy via comics in appearances at bookstores, libraries, schools and book fairs — has created a fun way for kids to learn about all 50 states.

New from ComicsLit

Angel Skin Gn

by Christian Westerlund & Robert Nazeby Herzig
Full-color trade paperback / 6”x 9” / 80 pages / cover price $11.95 / ISBN 978-1-56163-480-4
When Joshua Barker takes his life, he finds that nothing ends in death. Instead, Joshua wakes up in a city that seems to consist of decayed factories, crumbled apartment buildings and very little else. There, he encounters the strange Elmer, a man who seems to know a great deal about him and finds that he may have a special calling. Together they set out through the fallen city, among prostitutes and rotten angels — trying to find an elusive God. In Christian Westerlund and Robert Nazeby Herzig, Angel Skin launches two new exciting talents.

Second Printing
by Nicolas De Crecy
Full-color trade paperback with flaps / 6” x 9” / 80 pages / cover price $14.95 / ISBN 1-56163-483-2
Glacial Period, the first graphic novel from Paris’ Louvre Museum, sold out its first printing swiftly and now has a second printing available. The tale, from NBM’s ComicsLit imprint, is set millennia from now in a glacial period where all human history has been forgotten. A group of archeologists find the Louvre and cannot begin to explain the artifacts they see. Their interpretations are nonsensical, absurd, and farcical.
NBM has sold more than 4,000 copies since the end of 2006. If you missed this odd, thought-provoking graphic novel, make sure to get it now!

From NBM's Eurotica imprint

A Saucy Vikki Belle Romp, Vol. 3
by Colin Murray
Full-color trade paperback / 8 1/2” x 11” / 48 pages / cover price $10.95 / ISBN 978-1-56163-516-0
Vikki, our heroine, is abducted by the vile Lord Randolph to do his perverted bidding, and it’s Dobbin to the rescue! They sneak out with the help of a fabulously rich Sultan who longs for Vikki in his harem of lush beauties from all over the world. The tongue-in-cheek romp with gorgeous pinup-type art continues!

Sizzle #35

Quarterly magazine / 64 pages / black-and-white art / color cover / cover price $5.95
The best-selling Banana Games is back from Christian Zanier! Also continuing: Omaha the Cat Dancer, Tranceptor by Michael Manning and Patrick Conlon, Peanut Butter by Cornnell Clarke, and more!


Papercutz in August
Tales From the Crypt Graphic Novel, Plus Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys

Tales From The Crypt #2

Writers: Neil Kleid, Fred Van Lente, Jim Salicrup
Artists: Steve Mannion, Mr. Exes, Rick Parker
Cover: Steve Mannion
Bi-monthly comic book / 48 pages / full color / cover price $3.95
The greatest horror comic of all time is back with all-new tales torn from today’s terror-filled headlines!
“The Garden,” by Action Philosophers, Spider-Man and Fantastic Four writer Fred Van Lente and artist Mr. Exes, is the shocking tale of a man named who is promised servants and beautiful women waiting on him in paradise, in exchange for completing one simple task.
“The Tenant,” by Neil Kleid (author of Brownsville) and artist Steve Mannion, is about slumlord whose negligence kills one of his tenants; he thinks he’s gotten away with the crime, but he doesn’t count on the needs of the undead.
Plus painfully pun-filled prefaces by the original EC GhouLunatics: The Old Witch, the Vault-Keeper, and of course, The Crypt-Keeper, by Jim Salicrup and Rick Parker.

Vol. 1: “Ghouls Gone Wild”
Writers: Stefan Petrucha, Don McGregor, etc.
Artists: Mr. Exes, Sho Murase, etc.
Full-color paperback, 5” x 7 1/2”, 112 pages, cover price $7.95, ISBN 978-1-59707-082-9
Collector’s hardcover edition: $12.95, ISBN 978-1-59707-083-6
The infamous premier horror comic of all time, Tales From The Crypt, is back with all-new stories and full-color art. Over fifty years have passed since the last issue of the comic that inspired a hit HBO TV series was published, and Papercutz is proud to revive the frightful franchise filled with thrills and chills laced with dark humor! Each issue will feature four new tales of undead lunacy by today's best comic book and graphic novel creators, introduced by the original pun-spouting Crypt Keeper himself. Includes stories not seen in the comic books.

By Stefan Petrucha and Sho Murase
Boxed set of four 5” x 7 1/2” full-color paperback graphic novels, 432 pages, $29.95, ISBN 978-1-59707-074-4
Volumes 5 through 8 are collected into one boxed set with over 400 pages of reading! A great gift, specially priced.

By Scott Lobdell, Daniel Rendon, Paulo Henrique, and Sidney Lima
Boxed set of four 5” x 7 1/2” full-color paperback graphic novels, 432 pages, $29.95, ISBN 978-1-59707-075-1
Volumes 5 through 8 collected into one boxed set with over 400 pages of reading! A great gift. Specially priced.