The newly revised Claypool Comics site has launched, which will include the web version of Deadbeats. Per editor Richard Howell:

Hello and our most meaningful greetings to everyone reading these words. If you’re here, it means that either you’re one of those wonderful Claypool readers, who’ve been following and supporting our published comics while they were still extant (1993-2007) or that you’ve heard enough about the Claypool approach to comics storytelling that you wanted to investigate what was available–and found our website. (Of course, you could just be web-surfing and hit a keyword like “intense” or “intelligent” or “polysyllabic,” right?)

Anyway, welcome to the new, upgraded Claypool Comics website. This is the place to be for anyone who’d like to complete collections, chat about content, or–perhaps most importantly–the site for the continuation of the sole (for now) original material from the Claypool Comics line, the Internet presentation of the “Deadbeats” saga on a three-times-per-week basis.
This’ll be the place for anyone who’s been, who’s newly become, or who’s ever been interested in or intrigued by the Claypool Comics output to post, to sound off, or to ask questions. What’s on your mind? We won’t know unless you tell us, so consider this an ongoing invitation to do that very thing.