The changes in content for BATMAN AND THE OUTSIDERS continue as DC Comics announces updated information on issue #3 of the series.

In this issue, the mysterious REMAC entity is brought back to Batman’s lab for further inspection, and the Outsiders get a surprise housecall from none other than the Justice League! But when tensions heat up, will this seemingly friendly visit turn into something far worse? This action-packed issue guest stars Hawkgirl, Geo-Force and Black Lightning.

Written by Chuck Dixon, with art by Julian Lopez and Bit and a cover by Eric Battle and Art Thibert, BATMAN AND THE OUTSIDERS #3 (OCT070137) is on Final Order Cutoff on November 22 and is scheduled to arrive in stores on December 19.

Also, please note that BATMAN AND THE OUTSIDERS #4 will be solicited in the December Previews for February instore.

Batman And The Outsiders #3

Batman And The Outsiders #2

Batman And The Outsiders #1