Yup, AFTERDEAD 1.2 -- The Desert Peach Crosses Over -- is available at for those of you who just can't wait for the big fat annual AFTERDEAD 2.


64 pages, black and white (acid free), $9.25

"The Desert Peach Crosses Over" applies in every way that phrase can be read. Stinz has been chosen for the honor of breeding for the Reich. He wants Pfirsich to accompany him for moral support, especially against his own wife, who is SO PROUD of him. Pope Rosen takes on the Mormon breeding-farm commandant. A roller-derby queen and company officer is invited to her brother's prisoner wedding -- with him as wife. The Peach brings plenty of hankies.

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Afterdead 1: Desert Peach #31, #32, and Beyond
by Donna Barr