LOS ANGELES--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Platinum Studios (www.PlatinumStudios.com), an entertainment media company that controls one of the world’s largest independent libraries of comic book characters, today announced that Newegg.com and iTaggit are the latest sponsors of AT&T and Platinum Studios’ 2007 Comic Book Challenge (www.attblueroom.com/hollywood and www.ComicBookChallenge.com). As supporters of the competition, the companies will provide highly coveted gifts to the Top 50 entrants, who are set to present their comic book concepts to a panel of industry insiders in San Diego during the Comic-Con International 2007 convention.

Platinum Studios’ Comic Book Challenge, the comic book industry’s leading competition, invites aspiring creators to submit original comic book concepts in a head-to-head challenge for a multimedia development and publishing deal that includes multi-platform distribution, as well as the creation of a licensing and merchandising program. The deal is a rare opportunity for newcomers to gain entry into a competitive segment of the entertainment industry. Platinum Studios also plans to develop the property for film and television.

“The Comic Book Challenge draws some of the most creative and demanding minds around,” said Carlos Donahue, senior marketing manager at Newegg.com. “Those are the individuals Newegg.com is accustomed to serving and the reason we’re very pleased to be affiliated with Platinum Studios’ annual competition to find the best and brightest original concepts in the industry.”

Newegg.com, a leading online e-commerce company, is providing leading consumer electronic products as prizes to the Top 50 entrants at the Comic Book Challenge. Prizes include Microsoft Zune players, Phillips 42” high-definition plasma televisions, an Apple Mac Book Pro, and gift certificates for every Top 50 entrant.

Platinum is also announcing iTaggit as a sponsor. The company’s patented platform allows users to efficiently manage, catalog, and share high-value collectibles. Members can log on to iTaggit to do everything from store and organize information about their valuables to post items for trade or sale, and even communicate with other members about collectibles through category-specific community blogs.

“We simply could not have dreamed a better partnership than pairing iTaggit with AT&T and Platinum Studios’ Comic Book Challenge,” said David Altounian, CEO of iTaggit. “The Comic Book Challenge is all about discovering new and untapped talent in a trove of worthy competitors and iTaggit.com was started to help individuals discover and share their passion for collecting, including comic books, with other like-minded enthusiasts in a secure, online environment.”

Platinum Studios recently announced AT&T as the presenting sponsor of the Comic Book Challenge for the next three years. Fans can see the best the competition has to offer and vote for their favorites online at www.attblueroom.com/hollywood and at www.ComicBookChallenge.com beginning in late July. The winner of the 2007 Comic Book Challenge will be formally announced in late August, and the winner’s comic book or graphic novel will be published and premiere at a major Wizard World convention in 2008.

Previously announced sponsors of Platinum Studios’ Comic Book Challenge include Toon Boom Animation, Planetwide Media’s Comic Book Creator, and Wacom. For more information, please visit www.PlatinumStudios.com.