Spider Woman's Identity Unwebbed in Ultimate Spider-Man #102
Deadly Reindeer Games in Punisher: X-Mas Special
Civil War Implications Lead to Black Panther #21 Second Printing

Spider-Woman’s Identity Unwebbed in Ultimate Spider-Man #102

The biggest threat to Peter Parker’s life and those he loves just gets worse in Ultimate Spider-Man #102. With Aunt May reeling from a heart attack and Gwen Stacy tearing through S.H.I.E.L.D. agents as Carnage, Peter tries to evade capture in attempt to figure out how his life has fallen apart.

Plus, Mary Jane’s startling transformation is revealed and more clues into the mystery behind the Peter Parker clone that kidnapped MJ and the clone that is trying to free her. And what is Ben Reilly up to? Would it have anything to do with the clones running around?

And we learn the identity of Spider-Woman is actually…come on. Did you really think we were going to tell you? You’re going to have to read Ultimate Spider-Man #102 to find out. The most shocking story in Ultimate history clone-tinues as the Clone Saga approaches its conclusion!

Pencils and Cover by MARK BAGLEY
32 PGS./Rated A ...$2.99
FOC – 11/2, On-Sale – 11/22/2006

Deadly Reindeer Games in Punisher: X-Mas Special

He’s making a list and he’s checking it twice. He knows if you’ve been naughty or nice. No, it’s not Jolly Saint Nick. It’s the deadly-serious Frank Castle, better known throughout the criminal underworld as the Punisher. Criminals are going to get more than a lump of coal in their stockings in this year's Punisher: X-Mas Special. And it's likely to be a bullet between the eyes.

When a little boy is murdered, the Punisher sets out to avenge those responsible for his death. Unfortunately, setting the naughty from the nice isn’t as easy as Santa makes it seem. Castle becomes embroiled in a murder mystery where a fugitive, a disgraced cop and even the boy’s grieving mother are all possible suspects. When the Punisher learns the truth behind the boy’s death, will he be able to pull the trigger?

This holiday season, writer Stuart Moore and artist C.P. Smith, the team behind the critically acclaimed Wolverine #41, are giving the gift of holiday homicides in Punisher: X-Mas Special.

Pencils and Cover by C. P. SMITH
48 PGS./Parental Advisory ...$3.99
FOC – 11/9, On-Sale – 11/29/2006

Civil War Implications Lead to Black Panther #21 Second Printing

Black Panther and Storm's decision to enter Civil War at the end of Black Panther #21 has sent shockwaves through comic book shops, leading the issue to sell out at Diamond.

Marvel is going back to press with a second printing on Black Panther #21, complete with the fan-favorite Civil War second printing cover treatment. Marvel has also announced that Black Panther #22 will feature the Civil War cover treatments seen on all the CW tie-ins.

"Both retailers and fans alike have demanded this and we're happy to provide a second printing of #21 as well as a Civil War cover treatment for BP #22," says Marvel's Vice President of Sales David Gabriel. "The second printing cover will also sport our now famous CW second print cover treatments. This is great news for fans of the Black Panther and of Civil War! Thanks to all the retailers and fans for continuing the success of this event."

Visiting Namor in Atlantis as a part of their World Tour/Honeymoon, T'Challa and Ororo are persuaded by Namor to take a stand in the escalating Civil War ripping through America. The possibility of Iron Man's plan for a Unites States overrun by militaristic super heroes cannot be allowed. Civil War is about to get International.

The Royal Couple of Wakanda are now a part of Civil War so don't dare miss Black Panther #21 Second Printing Variant and Black Panther #22.

Retailers are advised to check the next Marvel Mailer for the item code for Black Panther #21 Second Printing Variant. Art shown here is not the final cover but will be the art for the cover of Black Panther #21 Second Printing Variant.

Pencils and Cover by MANUEL GARCIA
32 PGS./Rated T+ ...$2.99
FOC – 11/9, On-Sale - 11/29/2006

Pencils and Cover by MANUEL GARCIA
32 PGS./Rated T+ ...$2.99