the weekndThere should be no tears here as there are plenty of The Weeknd concert posters to collect. This should not be surprising to anyone. When it comes to collecting (relatively) newer artists, there's more out there right now to choose from that isn't as rare as an artist that's been around a lot longer. Signed memorabilia is of course still going to cost you hundreds of dollars; but, concert posters for this guy are not. Take your pick from his handful of tours now, because in the future their value might be much higher than anticipated.

Take Your Pick of The Weeknd and His Poster Flicks

Artists that have not clearly taken the top spot in the music world for an extended period of time are interesting to try and value. Their work is clearly popular, but it's also fairly available when it comes to stuff like concert posters. Don't get me wrong, The Weeknd clearly has been doing well the past few years in particular. However, time simply has to catch up to his career before prices reflect his success. Sure, 75 million records sold and a decade of increasing success should suggest the opposite. Here's some proof to back my claims.

Starboy, his most recent album until 2020, had massive success. The album won another Grammy. The tour went worldwide, spanning from Stockholm, Sweden (opening date of February 17th, 2017) to Perth Australia (closing show on December 14th, 2017). The XO/Republic signee even went and had another mini-tour in Asia due to the success of the Starboy tour. Perhaps because this particular poster comes from the mini-tour it isn't as valued (which seems odd because limited availability can boost value) as it pops up for only $6-$7 on eBay.

There are multiple sellers of this print, and it looks like it is fairly available. It could be due to the bigger tour posters being all taken up and this one doesn't appeal as much to US/Canadian fans. This tour isn't the only example of this, as an older poster will reveal.

Old or new, there's something for you

Rewind back to 2012, when his various mixtape projects were dropping. The Canadian R&B star was playing shows seemingly everywhere, including in California. The Fillmore Auditorium in San Francisco, California is a historic venue and has had a who's who come through its doors. This poster has the feel of someone becoming a future addition to that list.

When attending shows in the past, a poster like this would have given me the impression of an up and comer rolling through town. This show took place prior to the release of The Weeknd's debut album, Kiss Land. This show also happened prior to this artist's meeting and collaborations with another famous Canadian, some know as Drake.

Basically, if you are one of those fans who pride themselves on discovering someone prior to their fame and success, you likely attended this show if in the area. This particular show might've not been that special. However, there's a feeling of this poster could be worth something down the road. For right now, it's a cool $26 so far on eBay. It's likely more expensive to buy a Weeknd vinyl than it is to be this poster, which is an original printing according to the seller.

There will be plenty to choose from if you look for what you want right now. Just googling and wandering around eBay should do the trick. For example, this 2017 Starboy World Tour poster is going for $10.

It's hard to predict when stuff is going to go up in value. But, collecting before the bona fide fame and success becomes the norm might save you money down the road. There's no harm in getting ahead of the fame curve.