Since returning to Earth, the intergalactic lawman known as Nova has been confronted with the post-Civil War Marvel Universe, parents who no longer recognize their son and the not-so-subtle recruiting efforts from Iron Man himself. However, in Nova #3, a tie-in to the mega popular The Initiative storyline, Richard Rider must confront a larger issue—the government sponsored Thunderbolts, a collection of some of the world’s most dangerous villains…including Nova’s former teammate Speedball (now known as Penance)!

“Writers Dan Abnett and Andy Landing are expertly raising the stakes with each issue,” said editor Bill Rosemann. “The first issue ended with Iron Man promising to investigate Rich’s return to Earth. Issue #2 ended with the unexpected arrival of the Thunderbolts and Rich’s former pal Penance. So how will they end issue #3? By leading readers right into the madness that is Annihilation: Conquest!”

It’s the Initiative, the Thunderbolts and a clash between former New Warriors teammates—what more could you ask for? It’s the latest issue of the series that has sold out back-to-back as readership rises and has’s Lucas Siegel saying, “I can’t wait for #3” and’s Adam Chapman exclaiming, “Can't wait to see what happens next issue.” The Human Rocket is back on Earth, but if the Thunderbolts have their way, he’ll be buried in it!

NOVA #3 (APR072324)
Penciled by SEAN CHEN
Rated T+ …$2.99
FOC—5/24/07, On Sale—6/13/07

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