Welcome back to this week's Oddball Heritage Items! Each week we look at the unique items in Heritage's weekly comic event auctions -- after all, there is a treasure or two to be found in these auctions! In weeks past, we've looked at pins, merchandise lots, napkins, and even clothing. These items are an important part of the pop culture landscape, and each brings something new to a collection. If you've never looked at the 'memorabilia' tab during the weekly auctions -- why not? You never know what unique items you'll find!

Batman and Superman Related Memorabilia Lot

Batman and Superman are cornerstones of the comic book world. One character brought in comics as we know them now, and the other changed the direction of a company altogether. Both are iconic and timeless, and both have had their fair share of merchandise since the 1930s.

This memorabilia lot features items from the 1950s - 1980s and has some cool pieces for hardcore collectors. Some of the marketing material in this lot includes a Bond Bread Batman wrapper, four Superman serial lobby cards, and other unique items. This entire lot is just plain fun to look at. Heritage notes that the condition of the items varies, but to the right collector these items can enjoy a nice, long life!

Dick Tracey Crime Stoppers Detective Kit 

By the time I was born kits like these were few and far between. But if you grew up prior to 1986, chances are good you might have had a detective kit of some kind. The most infamous example I can think of was the Little Orphan Annie decoder ring from A Christmas Story. Toys like these varied to fit whichever comic or radio character they were representing, but at the end of the day, these were just plain cool.

This kit includes everything a child would want or need to fight crime with Dick Tracey. This was a promotional giveaway from the Chicago Tribune / New York News Syndicate in an effort to get kids interested in the Dick Tracey cartoon show that aired from 1961 - 1962. While these are entirely valuable, collectors can expect to pay at least $55 for the kit.

Movie Related Promotional Memorabilia Lot 

If you're a film buff or like to collect film memorabilia, look no further. This lot is an actual grab bag of items, including:

A Boy Named Charlie Brown souvenir booklet

The Flesh Eaters flyer

Flash Gordon one sheet

Star Trek sheet music

And other lobby cards, posters, promotional booklets, and more.

Prices on items like these tend to be all over the place. With the variety of items, there's something in here for every movie taste. I would say this lot could go for over $100, but I could be guessing very low. I know I'll be keeping my eye on this lot! Heritage notes the condition of these items varies, but again, to the right collector these could live on for many, many more years.

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