Oh Canada! Marvel is pleased to announce that Omega Flight #2 has sold out at Diamond. Following the first adventure of Canada’s newest superhero team, formed to combat the fallout from Civil War and tying into Marvel’s hugely popular Initiative storyline, Omega Flight has sold out of its first two issue—that’s “deux pour deux” in Canadian! But don’t mention that to US Agent—he’s still getting used to the metric system!

Omega Flight #2

Omega Flight #3

Omega Flight #4

“I knew OMEGA FLIGHT had legs, but I’m thrilled to see that it’s standing so tall amongst all the fresh comics on the stands today,” said series editor Andy Schmidt. “It’s really nice to see that so many retailers and fans alike have such confidence in the Canadian super hero book that could. If you haven’t checked it out yet, then you’re missing out on five issues of pure pulp love.”

With the battle against the Wrecking Crew heating up, fans can’t miss the rest of this exciting limited series! Please note that Omega Flight #2 may still be available at the retail level. Maple syrup, hockey and now Omega Flight—maybe some of the best things do come from Canada!

OMEGA FLIGHT #3 (of 5) (APR072325)
Pencils and Cover by SCOTT KOLINS
Rated T+ …$2.99
FOC—5/17/07, On Sale—6/6/07