September 30th 2008 - Fresh from the success of Eleventh Hour Vol 1 hitting the number one spot on WOWIO, Orang Utan Comics Studio are today announcing an exciting new addition to the creative team of The Intergalactic Adventures of Slam Ridley as they prepare to take the Birmingham International Comics Show by storm this weekend.

The adventures of the space adventurer, Slam Ridley, were previously set to be illustrated by the highly talented Simon Wyatt. However, Simon and the OUCS team felt that his vast talents would be better suited to some of their other upcoming projects, including the Viking tale Valhalla, written by Peter Rogers, and further adventures of the unfortunate medieval hero, Danick Drakesbane. This, of course, left a huge hole to be filled in the creative team on what OUCS hopes to be one of its flag ship titles. Thus, the search began for a new artist to take on the task of illustrating the adventures of the rugged hero, Slam Ridley, and his robotic companion Dan.

It gives Orang Utan Comics Studio huge pleasure to announce that the new artist on The Intergalactic Adventures of Slam Ridley will be the immensely talented Craig Yeung. Craig is probably best known for his inking work on various Marvel Comics books, including Runaways and X-Men: First Class, and is also a highly accomplished penciler. Series creator and plotter, Ian Sharman, said, “While we’re sad to see Simon leave the book, and want to publicly acknowledge the huge amount of time and effort he put into helping us develop the world of Slam Ridley, we couldn’t be more excited about having Craig on board as the new artist. We drew up a wish list of artists which included a lot of very talented people who were all working for the big two publishers. To be honest, we weren’t expecting any of them to say yes. Craig was right at the top of the list and we were stunned when he accepted the job.”

Series script writer, Peter Rogers, added, “Craig seemed to ‘get’ the idea behind The Intergalactic Adventures of Slam Ridley right away and instantly understood the look that we were going for. I’m really looking forward to working with him.”

Orang Utan Comics Studio are making this announcement to coincide with their attendance at the Birmingham International Comics Show held from 4th-5th October at the Think Tank in Birmingham. OUCS are really pleased to be returning to BICS after a very successful show last year. Co-founders of the studio, Peter Rogers and Ian Sharman will be on hand all weekend to sign copies of their critically acclaimed anthology Eleventh Hour, answer any and all questions about the studio and review portfolios. Several of the studio’s artists, including Simon Wyatt and John Charles can also be found at the OUCS stand throughout the weekend, signing comics, sketching and giving advice to aspiring artists.

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Orang Utan Comics

Orang Utan Comics Studio began life in 2007, bringing together rising talent from across the World. Since coming together to form the studio OUC creators have worked on titles including Contraband, Starship Troopers and Kong. Their Eagle Award Nominated Anthology “Eleventh Hour” was recently picked up by AAM/Markosia. They are also developing a number of new comic projects including Slam Ridley, Young Gods, Mamluk and 5th Outlaw.. For more information about Orang Utan Comics visit

The Intergalactic Adventures of Slam Ridley

If you like Star Wars and Firefly then you're sure to enjoy the adventures of Slam Ridley and his metal skinned sidekick, Dan. Set one thousand years into the future, where humanity has already used up two Earths and is well on its way to using up a third. Elections have been suspended by the Galactic President in order to preserve freedom in the face of terrorist attacks. Created by Ian Sharman with a killer script by Peter Rogers and eye meltingly good artwork by Craig Yeung, this four part mini-series is bound to be a smash hit (we hope!).

Birmingham International Comics Show 2008
4-5 October 2008, Think Tank, Millennium Point, Birmingham
The Birmingham International Comics show is the UK’s largest dedicated comic book event, with more comic book fun and excitement packed under one roof than any other show.