Baby Boomers is twisted fun in two tiny packages.

UK independent publisher Orang Utan Comics announced a new title today which they are describing as “Calvin and Hobbes meets Spy vs Spy”. Baby Boomers is a heartwarming tale of two adorable infants and their ongoing desire to cause each other as much physical pain as possible.

Join writer Richard McAuliffe and artist Chad Cicconi as they do their part to convince the next generation of comic readers that perhaps having children might not be the best option to take. While at the same time reassuring those who have already spawned that things really could be much worse.

“As soon as I saw the sample pages I new this was a title that we had to get out there” said Orang Utan Comics founder Peter Rogers. “No Universe, no continuity, no convoluted backstory. Just two babies fighting with Jerry Bruckheimer producing and John Woo in the director’s chair. Baby Boomers is as high concept as it gets and that’s why it works. Simple but never stupid, Baby Boomers is like a classic newspaper humour strip on steroids.”

McAuliffe and Cicconi are both relative newcomers and Baby Boomers is their first published work. McAuliffe had this to say about the title “I just hope people like it and find it funny (if they do its all in the writing, if not... blame the artist, he won't mind). I'd like to thank all the people who saw snippets of this online and gave us so much encouragement to make the move into print.”

“I had a great time working on this book, and I'm excited to see it in print” added artist Chad Cicconi. “Thanks to Orang Utan Comics for agreeing to publish this crazy thing, and to our friends on the Comic Geek Speak and Geek Syndicate forums for their input and comments, and for giving us their enthusiasm to push forward with this project.”

Baby Boomers is scheduled to launch at this year’s Web and Mini Comix Thing in London . And it will also be available to buy online at the Orang Utan Comics site from March.

For more information on Orang Utan Comics and what else they have planned for 2008, visit them online at