TALES FROM THE CRYPT! The original EC Comics series--born in 1950 and murdered in 1955 amid cries that its stories were too frightening--sparked a controversial Congressional investigation, a popular HBO TV series, and a brace of movies.

Now, for the first time in more than 50 years, TALES FROM THE CRYPT is back with all-new stories and art. The new TALES FROM THE CRYPT has become one of 2007’s biggest successes, selling out the first issue’s entire print run and spawning two graphic-novel collections. The book is so successful that its publisher, Papercutz, is devoting its entire October output to TALES FROM THE CRYPT publications.

Papercutz’s decision to publish TALES FROM THE CRYPT has surprised the comic-book world. After all, Papercutz is the youth-friendly publisher of kids’ books such as HARDY BOYS and NANCY DREW graphic novels and a new line of CLASSICS ILLUSTRATED comics. How does the terrifying TALES FROM THE CRYPT fit into that mix? “Everyone loves scary stories, especially kids, and the TALES FROM THE CRYPT style of dark humor with shock endings truly appeals to all ages, not unlike Harry Potter or Buffy the Vampire Slayer,” editor Jim Salicrup explains. “Despite the furor over horror comics in the ‘50s that led to the demise of most of the EC line, people forget that those comics were created for readers of all ages.”

Tales From The Crypt #3

Tales From The Crypt Vol. 2 Can You Fear Me Now TPB