When it comes to live music, few bands around today compare to Phish. The experience from top to bottom is one the richest I have known. There's the incredible musicianship on display every time they take the stage with one of the industry’s best light shows.  Then, the collectable mail order tickets know as PTBM (Phish Tickets By Mail) that sport unique designs for each show. Lastly, the promise of a chance at A limited-edition, show-specific print. Now the folks over at Phish Drygoods are releasing a new series of limited edition prints all based on songs from the band's extensive song catalogue! The series will feature prints designed by long-time Phish poster artists and their interpretations of the band's songs. See the designs below!Taylor Vultures


The first poster from the artists' interpretation series begins with the song Vultures. The song made its first debut on 6/13/97 in Dublin Ireland. The lyrics seem to signal the end of something, good or bad. And in this case, it's a good thing! Artist Ken Taylor was commissioned to design this print because he is known for his bold detailed work. The design features a giant vulture perched atop a farmhouse. Taylor's detailed work is on full display here in the vulture's feathers. The print measures 18"x24" and is a 6-color screenprint with metallic inks. There were two color variants made available, Blazing Orange Sky and Blue Sky. Only 700 of each color were printed.

"The feelings you've been waiting for are clawing through your skin
And if you look above
Runaway Blomerthyou'll see the vultures moving in."

Runaway Jim.

 The second print from the Song Poster series is Runaway Jim.  The song is an uptempo, bouncy tune about a mischievous dog that made a getaway with the narrator's car, clothes, and money. Swiss artist Brian Blomerth (@pupsintrouble) was tasked with the design of this print. The design is colorful and whimsical, much like the song. It even portrays an interpretation of "Jim swimming in the fountain." For me, the design matches the essence of the journey spelled out in the song perfectly. This print was limited to 1,100 pieces and is a 5-color screenprint.

"Now I'm gonna go up to the mountain(Runaway, runaway, runaway)
Singing for Jim who's swimming in the fountain
(Runaway, runaway, runaway)"Runaway Jim Blomerth

Theme from the Bottom.

The third installment in The Phish Song Poster Series is the song "Theme From the Bottom." The song first appeared on 5/16/95 and has been a staple in the band's repertoire ever since. The song has a nautical "theme" that starts in the inky depths but eventually breeches its way to the brighter waters closer to the surface. Long-time Phish poster artist David Welker provided his unique interpretation of this song. "I had the rare opportunity to listen to the final cut of this song back in 1996 with the band at the Bearsville recording studio so it has a special place for me. It's a beautifully crafted song with a methodical build-up to a Welker Themepowerful crescendo." says Welker. The print measures 16"x22" and was a limited edition of 1,600 pieces. The print is a 7-color screenprint with metallic inks on Neenah Star-Dream paper.

"On the way upwards the colors come back,
but all on the bottom is blue, gray, and black."

This is only part 1 of the Phish Song Poster Series so check back soon for the next releases over the coming months. For now, head over to Phish Dry Goods to see more Phish goodies.

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