Pearl Jam

When a musical career spans three decades, it's unlikely you will find all of their artwork. Sure, you can try. However, it might be best to define your style for Pearl Jam, PJ, when it comes to collecting their concert posters. You could choose a particular era or album. Even choosing a particular venue that either no longer exists, or is very important to the band's history might be your angle. Whichever direction you choose, it's important to have a game plan. After all, Pearl Jam has quite a bit of global popularity.


Narrowing the Scope

With regards to the "ten" poster cover above, this original record shop poster goes for just over $130. Prints of course will range in the $15-$25 dollar range on larger sites, similar to other grunge groups such as Soundgarden and Nirvana. Because this is also for the UK leg of this tour, that also minimally impacts the price of the poster. 

In my research I've focused on the concert venue locations, as well as the era in which a band performs. I focus on the beginning of Pearl Jam's career, or something fairly recent. Again, it depends on which album garnered your attention. "Ten" is likely an album most Pearl Jam fans have in their collection, and by extension might be a sought after poster.

If you really wanted to discover something different than your average, you might seek a poster from the pre-PJ days. Both Mother Love Bone and Mookie Blaylock posters would require further research. Mother Love Bone in particular might be harder to find due to that group only having a couple of the eventual Pearl Jam members. It might also be harder to find due to the tragedy involved with former member Andrew Wood. Either way, it's up to your tastes.

Exclusivity and value often play a role in why someone collects. However, sometimes you just want to find something that's aesthetically pleasing. Concert posters are works of art, after all.

Pearl Jam Artwork that Grabs Your Gaze

It's hard to narrow down what kind of eye candy you want to add to your collection. I try and find items that are both somewhat complementary, yet also something I don't have yet. A conflicting goal, no doubt; however, it's one that's more achievable than it first appears.

Pearl Jam                       Pearl Jam

The image on the left side is an original by Frank Kozik and Munk One, which is a limited print and costs $100. It's coincidental in this case that it's another international poster. It's definitely that kind of art that's a mix of outlandish, illustrated, and something out of the ordinary. To be honest, compared to the other Pearl Jam posters found it's something that fits my walls so far.

The right side is a TAZ-created silkscreen. Pearl Jam signed this one. It has a very cinematic feel that feels similar to the image on the left. The price is higher as a result of it being numbered, signed, and silkscreen; $300 is the current asking price. As always, prints are likely out there for a fraction of the original listing. Both posters have that cinematic, outlandish, and irreverent feel. That's right up my alley.

Pearl Jam Takeaway

It's helpful to have a game plan when tackling a huge group. Pearl Jam, The Beatles, Grateful Dead, and others have countless pieces of artwork to collect. The game plan you design hopefully steers you in the right direction because once something catches your eye, things change. Happy concert poster hunting and good luck to you.

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