LOS ANGELES, July 31, 2008 - Platinum Studios, Inc. (OTCBB: PDOS), an entertainment company that controls an international library of more than 5,600 comic book characters which it adapts, produces and licenses for all forms of media, announced today the global relaunch of WOWIO, an innovative digital ebook distributor recently acquired by Platinum Studios as part of its digital distribution initiative. WOWIO was founded with the vision of giving readers access to an immense library of ebook titles free of charge . Platinum's acquisition extends that vision today by launching an expanded set of offerings and new features at www.WOWIO.com.

New features for consumers include free browser based viewing capability which allows readers around the world to view the ebooks on their computer and mobile device screens. The new features also provide the ability to browse offerings without registering, a revamped and simplified registration process allowing consumers to store, share and gift downloadable ebooks, and an unrestricted ability to download as many ebooks as desired.

The new set of features for publishers includes the ability to reach a worldwide audience via the browser-based viewer, the ability to download to a global audience and access to multiple streams of revenue from display advertising, sponsored widgets, directed ecommerce opportunities and personalized gifts. Prior to the acquisition and relaunch, WOWIO had over 2 million downloads in just over a year, it is expected that the new features and capabilities will expand that reach.

WOWIO partners with some of the world's leading book and comic publishers, including Rosetta Books, a pioneer in electronic reading; Arcturus Publishing, the UK-based publisher of the best-selling 3D Thriller series; Taylor & Francis Group, a leading international academic publisher; Soft Skull Press, an independent book publisher; Dakuwaka Productions, the publishing home of the political superhero, Helios; and Arcana Studios, Canada's largest comic book publisher. This new accessibility to an international audience positions WOWIO to become a leading global destination for ebook distribution.

"As a publisher with our own content on WOWIO, we saw the potential of the WOWIO business model to bring unique and lasting value to all of their publishing partners in both the comic and traditional book publishing sectors," said Platinum Studios' President and COO, Brian Altounian, who spearheaded the acquisition. "The acquisition and subsequent global expansion of WOWIO was a logical next step in our goal to expand our digital distribution capability"

"As WOWIO takes its model to a global audience, we are most excited by the reception that we are receiving from publishers, corporate sponsors, and ultimately our readers, all of whom acknowledge that with our next generation business model, WOWIO is able to bring valuable ebooks to a much broader audience", said Dr. David Palumbo, WOWIO's CEO.

"We are excited about this next phase in our partnership with WOWIO as they increase access to our content through their global distribution," said Arthur Klebanoff, CEO of Rosetta Books. "In the time that we have been involved with WOWIO, they have brought us several innovative ideas, and this truly collaborative effort has helped to expand our digital strategy."

"As the digital domain commands a greater role in our focus, WOWIO's highly targeted approach allows our clients a unique opportunity to build relationships by providing the right content, to the right audience, at the right time" said David Denham, Director of Strategic Initiatives at Colle+McVoy, an innovative strategic marketing agency based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. "This form of reciprocity marketing - from taking to giving - represents the future of advertising relationships and WOWIO has their finger on the pulse."

The relaunch of WOWIO will be effective at 10:00am PDT on Thursday, July 31, 2008 at www.wowio.com.