The kind folks at NBM have supplied ComicList with their solicitations for comics and other products shipping in March of 2007.

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FLOWER & FADE (ComicsLit)
TRAILERS (ComicsLit)
MISS DD, VOLUME 4: The Prince of Manga, 1st Part (Eurotica)
NANCY DREW GRAPHIC NOVEL #9: Ghost In The Machinery (Papercutz)


Coming from NBM ComicsLit in March is a work by a great new talent:

By Jesse Lonergan

Kyle has just settled into a new city and job. He doesn’t know anyone,
but his life is comfy enough in its boring routine until Erika, a
pretty neighbor, catches his eye. Before they know it, they’re an
“item.” Before they know it, in fact, they’re very, very together. The
new relationship is a high for Kyle, but it’s frightening. In the midst
of happiness, Kyle gets nightmares of pulling his teeth out. Is Erika
really the right choice? Are they made for each other or just escaping
New discovery Jesse Lonergan writes and draws in a clear, clean,
realistic style in which a single line can carry enormous emotion. He
is another find from NBM’s ComicsLit.

Author and artist: Jesse Lonergan
Size: 6” x 9”
Page count: 192 pages
Art: Black & white
Format: Trade paperback graphic novel
Price: $13.95
ISBN: 1-56163-496-4


If you like FLOWER & FADE, check out:

By Mark Kneece & Julie Collins

Josh Clayton's mother has killed a man and left Josh in charge of
disposing of the body. The trouble is, the body won’t stay put.
Josh’s life slips ever more deeply into hell as he attempts to keep
the corpse under wraps. A sensitive teenager, Josh attempts to
persevere in the face of a morbid dilemma: guilt and fear over the
crime come into conflict with his reluctant devotion to his mother. In
the meantime, he has the additional task of taking care of his younger
brothers and sister while enduring the ordinary minefield known as high
school. As pressure on Josh builds to critical mass, he suddenly finds
himself involved in a relationship with the lovely Michelle.
TRAILERS comes from two members of the faculty on sequential art at
the Savannah College of Art & Design, and the critics loved it.
• “What a story. Wonderfully original.” — Mike Sangiacomo, Cleveland
Plain Dealer
• “Utterly credible dialogue and very intelligent black-and-white
artwork.” — Booklist
• “The story clips along and is hard to put down, with at times
unbearable tension. Each panel tells a story, but Rousseau's art never
gets carried away with ‘artiness,’ and the quiet pathos of Josh's face
provides a graphic equivalent of those elegant turns found in great
short stories.” — Publishers Weekly
• “Will keep you riveted. The reappearance of the body — or parts of
it — simply reinforces the themes of class, situational ethics and
morality that confront Josh. Those ideas, interwoven through a
pell-mell plot with dead-on observations about the margins of society,
show a couple of masters at work.” — Andrew Smith, Knight-Ridder Papers

Author and artist: Mark Kneece & Julie Collins
Size: 6” x 9”
Page count: 164 pages
Art: Black & white
Format: Trade paperback graphic novel
Price: $11.95
ISBN: 1-56163-445-X

By Shane White

Sometimes, you have to escape your past to get to the truth. NBM
ComicsLit introduces another amazing talent with a deeply felt story
about growing up in a northern New York State mill town.
After years of being away and making a life for himself, Shane finally
returns home. On the way, his mind floods with the memories of his
blue-collar family under tremendous pressure as alcoholism and abuse
push his relatives to the breaking point. As a kid growing up in this
situation, the pain was tremendous for Shane. As an adult, resentment
battles reconciliation. Beautifully evocative full color art.
In the words of the critics:
• “Everything rang true. Everything struck me as something that could
have happened to someone I know. White is a comics creator well worth
following, and North Country is a graphic novel well worth reading. It
earns the full five out of five Tonys.” — Tony Isabella, Comics Buyers
• “For a first-time graphic-novel author, Shane White exhibits a
remarkable talent for the form, delivering a shattering and memorable
portrait of abuse and reconciliation. Seemingly out of nowhere, Shane
White has arrived with a grossly huge talent for drawing and a keen
knowledge about how to use the form of comics to best editorial
advantage,” — Andrew Arnold, Time.comix
• “White breaks with convention to present his graphic-novel memoir
very realistically and conservatively. White pulls out the stops,
however, in terms of point of view, expressive color, and storytelling
technique. A far from uncommon life story beautifully rendered.” —

Author and artist: Shane White
Size: 8” x 8”
Page count: 96 pages
Art: Full color
Format: Trade paperback
Price: $13.95
ISBN: 1-56163-435-2

New from NBM in March:

Back to press already!
By Luis Royo

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Dark Labyrinth HC

An artist is fascinated by the increasingly dark visions of a master
artist and seeks to meet him. The trip becomes a voyage into the depth
of dreams and nightmares . . .
. . . In an exciting new hardcover format and featuring virtually all
new art by the internationally famous fantasy artist.
DARK LABYRINTH is a cause for celebration among Royo’s many fans. His
previous books have well over 200,000 copies in the United States
alone. Around the world, in dozens of countries, his books have sold
in the millions. NBM published DARK LABYRINTH in November 2006, and
it’s already going back to press for a new printing!
Note: DARK LABYRINTH is intended for mature readers only.

Author and artist: Luis Royo
Size: 8” x 10”
Page count: 64 pages
Art: Full color
Format: Jacketed hardcover art book
Price: $25.95
ISBN: 1-56163-484-0

There is also a signed, limited edition:
Jacketed with a special signed tip-in page
Price: $60.00
Limited to 200 copies, and very few are left!

New from Eurotica in March:

MISS DD, VOLUME 4: The Prince of Manga, 1st Part
By Chiyoji
So, kid, you wanna be in adult comics? What’s gonna make it good adult
comics? With videos and the Internet out there, why comics, huh?
That’s what aspiring artist Tomeo Oogawara hears from his boss and
editor. He’s quite nervous; but meeting his neighbor, the incredibly
lush tease Reiko — our Miss DD — becomes his muse and changes his life!
And what a muse she is as she makes Tomeo her B&D kink slave and then
brings him in on some girl-on-girl action. Oh, yeah — now he’s got some
good stories to tell.
This book is the first of four parts.

Title: MISS DD, VOLUME 4: The Prince of Manga, 1st Part (of 4)
Author and artist: Chiyoji
Size: 8 1/2” x 11”
Page count: 64 pages
Art: Black and white
Format: Trade paperback graphic novel
Price: $9.95
ISBN: 1-56163-497-2

From Papercutz in March:

Please note: THE NANCY DREW MOVIE starring Emma (“Unfabulous”) Roberts,
niece of Julia, is coming in June! The film also stars Tate (“The
O.C.”) Donovan as Nancy's dad.

NANCY DREW GRAPHIC NOVEL #9: Ghost In The Machinery
By Stefan Petrucha & Sho Murase
Has Nancy Drew solved the world’s energy crisis? On a mission
sponsored by young, rich, and handsome Ralph Credo, Nancy teams up with
eccentric scientist Roy Hinkley to find an amazing, high-efficiency
engine that can operate at an amazing 200 miles per gallon! The
engine, mounted on a tank, was part of an experiment during the final
days of World War II. There’s just one problem: the engine and the
tank are haunted.
This is an all-new, self-contained story, but it's also the first of
a three-part series of Nancy Drew graphic novels comprising a bigger
storyline titled “The High Miles Mystery.”

Title: NANCY DREW GRAPHIC NOVEL #9: Ghost in the Machinery
Author and artist: Stefan Petrucha & Sho Murase
Size: 5” x 7 1/2”
Page count: 112 pages
Art: Full color
Format: Paperback
Price: $7.95
ISBN: 1-59707-058-0
ISBN-13: 978-1-59707-058-4

The book is also available in a collector’s edition:
Format: Hardcover
Price: $12.95
ISBN: 1-59707-061-0
ISBN-13: 978-1-59707-061-4

See previews of the book and information about the movie at