Beginning the first week of November, Ben Fisher and Mike Henderson's dark fantasy / action graphic novel series, SMUGGLING SPIRITS ( can be delivered to your mailbox for free courtesy of publisher Ambrosia Publishing (!

SMUGGLING SPIRITS will be blasting into comic stores and online & offline stores early next year as a two-issue graphic novel series, but you can receive it in your email as weekly five-page updates simply by signing up for the SMUGGLING SPIRITS Newsletter (

SMUGGLING SPIRITS ( is a nightmarish vision of Prohibition-era America where humans live in fear of the deadly monstrosities lurking just outside their windows. A bootlegger whose successful career is largely due to a rather unique psychological condition and his newfound young ward find themselves on the run from an unrelenting enemy who believes they hold the key to its destruction.

SMUGGLING SPIRITS has received rave reviews from the likes of Ain't It Cool News (, ComiXtreme (, and screenwriter Bill Cunningham ( To begin your free subscription, fill out the short SMUGGLING SPIRITS Newsletter form ( Your first newsletter will be emailed to you early the following week with each new edition arriving in weekly intervals till its conclusion.



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