Brandon Borzelli's Geek Goggle Reviews

Action Comics #857
DC Comics
Johns, Donner and Powell

The conclusion of the Escape from Bizarro World story. If you didn’t pick this story up you really missed out. I loved the first issue. Liked the second one a lot and I am thrilled with the conclusion.

We start off with some Clark Kent - Pa Kent flashback moment. As was the case in previous issues its a brilliant exchange. The characters have a unique bond and Johns and Donner play it perfectly. After Clark learns his lesson we head back to the present and the Bizarro world.

The Bizarro JLA show up and it's awesome what was done with them both with art and their lines. Powell is a master crafter of the Bizarro face and body and his depiction of the Bizarro JLA is priceless. Flash, fat and eating pizza; Batman with a yo-yo as a weapon; Green Arrow with a target on his chest and Robin in a diaper are just a few of the nuggets in his artwork.

Superman is in a bind because he cant take on all the Bizarros and some are even going after Pa. Superman zaps Pa with a multi-colored blast from his eyes that seems to lend his powers to Pa Kent. Its such a excellent twist on the blue sun. I am so glad to see some of Superman's powers altered in creative ways. Even Pa naming "Superman Vision" is a great twist on the new power.

As the story progresses Superman wants to abandon Bizarro and flee the planet and its chaos. Pa teaches his son another lesson about helping others. Superman sees the light and works with Bizarro to help right the wrong…..or wrong the right?

Superman and Bizarro act out the plan and before you know it Superman and Pa are back on Earth and Bizarro is the king of his planet.

The whole story is great, but this issue is just page after page clever fun. Did I mention it even has Bizarro Joker?

My only complaint is that I don’t like how Powell draws Superman constantly squinting, but his Bizarro characters are so dead-on! Also, I really like how Powell portrays Clark as a boy. The boy shows impatience with his powers in his expressions, but wisdom in his face that he is not human as much as he wants to be.

One other complaint - we didn’t get to see Bizarro Clark Kent again in the end. He was my favorite.

I don’t know what plans there are for Donner after this arc and the Last Son one gets completed but with him, Johns and Busiek the Superman titles could really be hit after hit for a long, long time.

5 out of 5 geek goggles.