ComicList Critiques by Charles LePage

Captain America #30
Marvel Comics
Eb Brubaker, Steve Epting, Mike Perkins

Part Six of "The Death Of The Dream" is a marked improvement from the previous chapter. So many tasty morsels are offered up by the mighty Ed. Some writers would be satisfied to simply advance the plot, but no, Ed has to give me some unexpected surprises. What a pal!

Let's get the expected stuff out of the way. The art and writing are spectacular. How many creative teams could maintain such high quality in a monthly comic book when the star of the book is deceased? For that alone, Ed and Cap should win award after award.

This month Bucky learns just how closely Lukin and the Skull are working together. To survive the situation he's put himself in, however, he's going to need more than knowledge. He's going to have to forge a new path: not the path of Captain America or the Winter Soldier, but a new path, one not as out of touch with today as Captain America appeared to be, but one more timeless than the kill them and weep later life of the Soldier.

Tony gets closer to the truth concerning the Captain's murder. The Falcon and Black Widow learn just how much control Faustus and the Red Skull still have over Sharon Carter. You and I learn what Steve's letter to Tony asked him to do. And Sharon discovers Steve Rogers left her a very special gift, one I suspect even the Red Skull isn't aware of.

We shall see who is left standing and who isn't over the next three issues. My personal prediction: Bucky will become the new Captain America, independent of the Civil War regime. He and Sharon will become romantically involved. And the name of the comic will change to Captain America and The Falcon.

BTW, I'm glad to see Steve Epting got his wish fulfilled: the Falcon sports one of his "classic" costumes!

CA #30 gets 5 out of 5 Eds.

Captain America #30