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Green Lantern Corps #17
DC Comics
Gibbons, Alixe, Unzueta, Nguyen & Ramos

Sinestro Corps War - Part 9 We are getting down to the end here. The war is on Earth. All the lanterns are there. All the Sinestro Corps is there. The JLA are fighting. The lanterns have lethal force enabled. It's crunch time.

As we have seen all along the GL Corps title doesn’t have all the main characters in it, like Hal Jordan or Sinestro. We have also seen though, this title is worthy of its own arc within the big arc. Using a wide array of characters - good and bad - the Green Lantern Corps just gives us more details on the war as a whole. And we have plenty of action.

In this issue we see the major advancement in the Sodam Yat character. He seemed a little forced on the reader in this arc and I was hoping he would turn renegade in the end, but in this issue he gets his push to the forefront alright and into a fight I wasn't expecting to spill over into the next issue.

The bulk of the Green Lantern Corps team split up to protect various spots on Earth. Green Man and Stel find themselves in Las Vegas, while Kilowog in San Diego and Sodam Yat and company at Mt Rushmore. All play out to be great battles. Kilowog's battle is of particular interest because it picks up with an old Sinestro enemy from previous issues. It also provides a unique little conclusion to his battle.

Yat and his team find Guy Gardner. A quick witted exchange makes me realize Yat is a lot like Hal AND Kyle. He's Hyle or Kal I guess. Yat is probably the most important character in the book and a new reader would probably think he carries this title as his own. I find the jury to be out on him.

This issue has lots of GLs in it including Natu, Salaak, Bodikka and the return of Princess Iolande. It's great usage of the GL team as a whole. It makes the issue fly by not with just splash page battles, but with loads of interaction among team members. We get some little Blue Guys, Sinestro, the Anti-Monitor and some Superboy-Prime.

Not a bad run down, eh? Any negatives?

One biggie is the team of artists for this issue. I felt the whole issue was made up of one-page-and-done artists and colorists. I really didn’t like it. I felt like this issue was a last minute art job. Some of it I really liked. I just would have liked it to be more consistent page to page.

In general though this issue didn’t disappoint at all. The story has been a hit in every issue across both titles from my perspective.

If you haven’t read any of this yet I would encourage you to read these last few issues. This is a classic already.

5 out of 5 geek goggles.