Brandon Borzelli's Geek Goggle Reviews

Hiding In Time #3
Shadowline/Image Comics
Long, Winn, Noronha & Hanley

The closing issue of this little mini-series is a real page turner. To recap, a man named Abe was sent into the witness protection program to live in the past. The man he testified against sent three men back in time to kill him. A man who helped build the time machine for the witness protection program was sent back in time to help save Abe. Abe and his new ally rush to Abe’s house where they fear Abe’s family is in danger from the three thugs.

We pick up this issue with Abe confronting the men who traveled back in time to kill him and now have his family hostage. Abe’s packing some pistols hidden away so he hasn’t shown his whole hand just yet.

All hell breaks loose when one of the three hired killers makes a racial remark at Abe’s friend from the witness protection program creative team. The leader is killed and Abe’s buddy runs. Abe stays with this family.

The two remaining hired men split up. One stays to kill off Abe and the other goes after his friend.

Abe reaches for his second gun, but is quickly met with a beating. However, Abe’s wife shows she knows how to operate a gun.

Abe’s friend takes care of the final thug with an unconventional weapon and everyone goes home happy.

Not really, because Abe’s friend, Nathan is trapped in the past with Abe. When the thugs were killed their bodies were automatically transported back to the future (one of which was packed with a little surprise courtesy of Nathan). It wasn’t until after the last of the dead head back does Nathan realize his ticket home was destroyed in the melee. Abe and Nathan play Dr. Brown from the movie Back to the Future trying to find a way home for Nathan.

This story was outstanding. I enjoyed the concept, the execution and the art. All three issues moved quickly and had a nice mix of dialog and action.

My only complaint was that this issue didn’t really mention anyone by name until the end. For example, Abe’s friend’s name, Nathan, isn’t mentioned until the very end. I like stories to have the ability to be picked up by anyone and this one probably couldn’t be. I understand that once in trade format this won’t be a problem, but still I believe in being able to come in cold and get up to speed quickly. Oh well. I liked it just the same.

I would love to see another story with this premise. I think it was a great idea and all three issues were dead-on in their entertainment value.

4 out of 5 geek goggles.