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Superman #668
DC Comics
Busiek, Leonardi & Green

The first installment of the “Third Kryptonian” explores two separate tracks. First, we see Superman’s parenting skills. Second, we have the existence of new Kryptonian.

Earth is being watched by some aliens who were lead there to find a Kryptonian. They find Superman and Supergirl and they begin to watch their movements. They also probe for others.

Meanwhile, Superman learns that there was a scan of Earth for Kryptonians and that a third exists other than himself and Supergirl. Apparently this scan took place prior to Chris Kent’s arrival to Earth so he doesn’t count. Power Girl doesn’t count because she is from another dimension. Krypto has been in “space” for a year so he doesn’t count either. By the way, I really hope Krypto being in space isn’t the equivalent of humans sending their dogs to “live on a farm”. That would not be cool at all.

While Superman ponders who the third Kryptonian is Chris Kent is not happy acting like a human by hiding his powers. Superman’s solution is to bring him to Batman.

Why Batman? Because Batman knows ways to reduce Superman’s powers.

After Batman scares Chris some, Robin takes Chris under his wing to play big brother for a little while. This part of the issue is pretty cool. Hard to imagine the Batcave as a daycare center, but that’s okay. Superman and Batman work on a way to reduce Chris Kent’s powers so he can be normal with the other kids in school when he needs to be.

After Batman gives Superman what he wants Superman rushes off to save some people. Chris Kent lends a hand impressing Superman with his quick wits.

This issue has a small amount of action, but is fantastic nonetheless.

The dialog between Chris and Superman is great. You can see how uneasy Superman is with the parenting and you can sense how Chris Kent is struggling to understand why he just can’t be himself.

The dialog between Batman and Superman is also well done. Just an example is how Superman asks a question that shows his hand that he has spied on Batman and Batman makes a note to seal off the cave with some lead. Awesome. Batman and Superman battling wits.

I enjoyed the art. Particularly the aliens sitting in their ship spying on Earth. It had a very Star Trek-ish feel to these scenes.

Some questions arise such as how do the aliens know about the four Kryptonians already? And they reference finding the one Superman is looking for, but is that the fourth one or a fifth one? For someone without a handle on the DC universe this might be confusing, but it is the opening issue so it’s not that big of a deal I guess.

Also the little problem of continuity happens. Is this after the unfinished arc in Action Comics or before Zod invades Earth?

It seems to me this is as good an issue to jump on to the Superman title if you aren’t already reading it. I just hope Krypto is in space and not on a “farm”.

4 out of 5 geek goggles.