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Uncanny X-Men #492
Marvel Comics
Brubaker & Tan

Part Two of the Messiah Complex is very good. Not great, but not a step backwards either. It felt like Part Two of the ramp up, which is fine I guess. I would have preferred a little more action though from the bad guys.

We pick up the issue with a quick recap of the carnage on the Alaska town where the new mutant was born. Quickly we shift to the mansion where Emma and Scott have a strategy meeting. Scott then has a bit of a confrontation with Xavier. I cant say I have much insight into this but it seems that Scott is the leader of the X-Men and he no longer trusts the teacher of all X-Men. I'm sure more of this onion will be peeled later on.

Scott then lets on that a team is in the field continuing to hunt for the new mutant. Wolverine and company are battling it out with some other mutant enemies to get some answers. Its nice to see Wolverine lead some battlefield troops other than himself.

Later, Emma and Scott meet with some X-Factor folks (at least that's my guess as to who they are) to draw in some more forces. Some banter, some planning and it appears they are willing to help Scott out.

We also see Beast and Xavier on the outside looking in. They are almost the Statler and Waldorf of the X-Men thus far only without the humor. They aren’t really included, but the plot advanced some with their interaction among each other.

Last we see Scott and Emma have a little heart to heart and Predator X is on the loose heading for the new mutant.

In short, I liked this issue a lot. It moved quickly. It had strong character moments from Scott, Emma and Xavier. It had new players and it had action courtesy of Wolverine and company. Pretty good I'd say.

The complaint would be this: no bad guys at all. Not one page of Gambit or Mystique or someone. Come on!

I also would have liked more intro into the new characters, but I know we will see them in X-Factor so I cant kick and scream too much.

The art work was more classic X to me. I liked all the characters, especially Beast and Angel. The battle scenes were fantastic as well. Plus, Emma didn’t look like she was working the streets, which is a positive in my book.

I'd say for a returning fan I am fully engaged. I would hope a newbie can pick this up and get hooked as well. I hope the veterans liked it too, but they appear to be a tough crowd when it comes to the X-Men.

So close to perfection I can taste it.

4 out of 5 geek goggles.

Uncanny X-Men #492

Marvel Comics