Cold Cut Distribution Product Spotlight -- Wahoo Morris

Sex, drugs, and rock 'n roll...and a little bit of magic.

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Wahoo Morris Book One
by Craig A. Taillefer, n/a

Indie rock band Wahoo Morris is ready to hit the road to rock and roll fame and glory. Made up of long time friends Chas on bass, Sebastien on laed guitar, and Arnie on drums, the fledgling group is rounded out by newcomer Alicia on lead vocals. On stage the band gels, but off-stage things aren't going quite so smoothly. Sebastien has developed an attraction to Alicia that is not in the band's best interest. And the band's enigmatic new lead signer's dabbling in the occult threatens more than their carefully laid plans for success.

Wahoo Morris has always been one of our favorite indy comics -- a gem of the small press world that hasn't quite yet found its audience. Now you can read all of the first four issues of the comic book series in this new digest-sized collection! To find out more about the series, please visit

* Wahoo Morris TPB vol. 1 (WAHOT01) Too Hip Gotta Go [50] 9.99

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