On The Shelves: 04/25/07, by Guy LeCharles Gonzalez

Reprinted courtesy of Comic Book Commentary.

Reading is fundamental. Read what you like; don’t waste your time reading bad comics out of habit!

Despite my enthusiasm for comics being at a five-year low — five years ago, I hadn’t yet started reading them again — here’s my weekly look at select comic books being released Wednesday, 4/25/07. The full shipping list, as always, is available at ComicList.

[NOTE: Not all of these titles will actually arrive in all stores. If your LCBS offers a pre-ordering service, be sure to take advantage of it. If not, find another one; or try Khepri.com or MidtownComics.com]


Johnny Hiro #1 (AdHouse Books)

Johnny Hiro #1, $2.95

Anything AdHouse publishes is always worth a look, and with a tagline like “Half Asian, All Hero” and a solicitation blurb that includes the line “The excitement never ends, even though Johnny Hiro really wants it to…”, how can I resist?

52 Week #51, $2.50
Blue Beetle #14, $2.99
Firestorm The Nuclear Man #35, $2.99

52 Week #51

I bailed on 52 back in Week 3 or 4, but was tempted to pick up WWIII until I read some of the reviews. My Buddy Dan(TM) got suckered in and hated it. I’d say I’m glad to see it finally end, but with the weekly desperate cash-grab Countdown right around the corner, it’s not really ending. Except for the steady sales, I’d guess. *** Say it with me: “Blue Beetle and Firestorm have been two of the more consistently entertaining ongoing titles DC has published since Identity Crisis forever altered the DCU.” Forever, of course, simply meaning until Didio gets canned and someone retcons a lot of the nonsense that’s occured on his watch. I have 1st quarter 2008 in the office pool.

Pyongyang A Journey In North Korea TPB, $14.95

This has been on my “To Buy” list for a while now, and considering how bored I am with most current comics, I think it’s time to rectify that.

Professors Daughter GN, $16.95
Tiny Tyrant GN, $12.95

Nothing like a couple of First Second titles to brighten the weekly shipping list.

Graphic Universe Amaterasu Return Of The Sun HC, $26.60
Graphic Universe Atalanta Race Against Destiny HC, $26.60
Graphic Universe Demeter & Persephone Spring Held Hostage HC, $26.60
Graphic Universe Hercules Twelve Labors HC, $26.60
Graphic Universe Isis & Osiris To Ends Of Earth HC 2, $26.60
Graphic Universe Jason Quest For Golden Fleece HC, $26.60
Graphic Universe King Arthur English Legend HC, $26.60
Graphic Universe Robin Hood Outlaw Of Sherwood Forest HC, $26.60
Graphic Universe Trojan Horse Fall Of Troy HC, $26.60
Graphic Universe Yu The Great Conquering The Flood HC, $26.60

Interesting business model here, with a series of graphic novels for kids targeted squarely at librarians.

Daily Bugle May Newspaper, AR
Daredevil #96, $2.99
Fantastic Four #545 CWI, $2.99
Powers #24, $2.95

Daredevil #96

Fantastic Four #545

Powers #24

Both Daredevil and Powers are on the chopping block as I’ve decided to once again drastically pare down my pull list. I’m finding the serial adventures of the spandex set less and less compelling these days, especially with the speed at which Marvel, in particular, cranks out the collected editions. Fantastic Four, on the other hand, is purely a curiousity pull out of respect for Dwayne McDuffie’s skills.

Batman Sunday Classics 1943-1946 HC, $14.95
Batman The Dailies 1943-1946 HC, $20.00

I was flipping through both of these last week at Midtown and drooling.

Super F$$$$$S #4, $5.00

Who’s buying this? I know Kochalka has a fan base, but after reading the first issue and a smattering of his other work, I just don’t get it. Super F$$$$$S, I mean. It’s stupid and pointless, clearly meant for those who hate superheroes, but why would you willingly spend $5 for something so puerile when you can get a dose of the real thing for $2 less?

Josh Howard Presents Sasquatch Vol 1 GN, $24.95

Woah! I didn’t realize this was going to be an OGN when I saw the various teasers. $24.95 seems a bit steep for something so random. I’ll give it a flip-through, though, simply because Viper’s earned that by publishing a solid range of good, unique comics over the past few years.

Walk-In #5, $2.99

Am I the only one reading this? It doesn’t really lend itself to commentary because it’s so whacked out, but it hasn’t lost me yet, either.

Geek Monthly #4, $5.99

The one issue I saw — with Kristen Bell on the cover — showed some potential but lacked a compelling hook. It read like a generic Men’s mag with the usual departments, and features that lacked any bite. Kind of a coy attempt at aping Maxim.