In early 2006, a new phenomenon was born. A TV movie was aired that captured the hearts of the nation’s youth. A modern retelling of “Romeo & Juliet” set in a high school to a thumping backbeat of catchy teen-pop, it aired to amazing ratings in the US and Europe. It was so popular that many repeat airings followed. Inevitably, it spawned a hit soundtrack CD and spin-offs, as well as DVD releases and a live stage show. A sequel movie is completed and about to air, with a third installment already in the works.

With a history of reflecting the current fads and fashions, it’s only natural that Archie Comics would take a stab at gently spoofing and paying tribute to this popular series, and this November that’s exactly what happens in “Riverdale High – the Musical,” appearing in VERONICA #185.


“Riverdale High – the Musical!”: When a former Riverdale High student-turned-famous screenwriter/director decides to make a movie about her teenage years, it’s enough to make Veronica, Betty and their friends break out in song! Of course, using the current high school class as inspiration, there’s more drama behind the cameras than in front of it! Don’t miss this hilarious spoof of the beloved musical high school films that have captured the hearts of the nation.

Shipping Date: November 14th, 2007
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32-page, full color comic
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Veronica #185

Archie Comics