The critically acclaimed “Dead End Kids” storyline continues in Runaways #28! Super-star scribe Joss Whedon (Astonishing X-Men) and rising star Michael Ryan (New Excalibur, New X-Men) have wowed audiences with the first three chapters of this exciting story, but now Runaways are… stranded in 1907? After the stunning revelations thus far, not only are the Runaways seemingly stranded forever…faces from their past are going to make sure the Runaways don't have a future! Critics and fans alike continue to praise this bold new chapter in the lives of Marvel’s most teen team!


Richard George of IGN.Com deemed Whedon and Ryan’s Runaways a “must read,” calling the series “brilliant” and describing Ryan as, “the best artist for Runaways.”

“Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes. Yes. This is what I’ve been wanting, waiting for, hoping for,” gushed Scott A. Williams of ComiXtreme.Com while also adding, “The artwork is truthfully among the best the series has ever seen.”

With only three issues left of Joss Whedon and Michael Ryan’s landmark run, you can’t afford to miss Runaways #28.

RUNAWAYS # 28 (JUN072182)
Written by JOSS WHEDON
Penciled by MICHAEL RYAN
Cover by JO CHEN
Rated T+ …$2.99
FOC—9/13/07, On-Sale—10/03/07

Runaways #27

Runaways #28