Russ Heath DC Silver Age War Art by Patrick Bain and John StuartArtists whose skills surpass their contemporaries always stand out.  Russ Heath, master of the DC Silver Age war genre, deserves that rank.  Pull on your combat boots and strap your helmet tight.  Today, we'll review one of the great comic artists of the fifties and sixties.  I invited my friend to preview Heath art in HA's upcoming auction. So, art collector and author, John Stuart wonders, "Is Silver Age DC War Comics Art About to Take Off?"

War Breaks Out in the DC Silver Age

All-American Men of War 94 cover by Russ Heath DC Silver Age

During the Silver Age of Comics, War comics were nearly as popular as the Superheroes of that period. DC publishing, in particular, catered to this military genre producing the majority of war comics published during the 50s and 60s.

During its heyday, DC produced a plethora of excellent war comics. Other publishers jumped on the bandwagon as well, but DC’s books benefited from having one of the best war comics artists of that era – namely Russ Heath. Marvel and Charlton published war comics through the 50s and 60s as well, but DC led the field with books such as Our Fighting Forces, Our Army at War, Star Spangled War Stories, G.I. Combat, and Enemy Ace.

Russ Heath Attacks Silver Age War Art

Our Army At War 80 Page 1

So, collectors of DC war comic art will be drooling over the large group of Russ Heath war art that is offered in the December Heritage Signature auction. At auction are 16 pages of stellar Heath art, including art from the Brave and the Bold and Showcase.

In my opinion, the gem of the group is the splash page from Our Army at War # 80 -1959. A spectacular splash page that features an intense WW1 dogfight. Highly detailed art that features two large bold panels. Art like this seldom comes to market and it could sell for north of $6K.

Danger in the Air and Sea

Our Fighting Forces 38 Page 5

Another Heath masterpiece that showcases the legendary artist’s depiction of highly detailed, accurately drawn aircraft is Our Fighting Forces # 38, page 5. An action-packed WW2 page with US P-38s battling German fighter planes and a U-Boat. This one will draw quite a bit of collector action, probably selling for more than $5k.

Russ Heath Lives 'Sea Devils' May Care

Showcase 29 Page 6 featuring Sea Devils

Another great example of Heath’s skills is a fabulous war-related sci-fi page from Showcase # 29. This is a Sea Devils page from the tale - “The Last Dive of the Sea Devils!"  Heath co-created the Sea Devils in Showcase #27 with Robert Kanigher.  DC Science Fiction Silver Age art holds great possibilities for future returns, particularly for works by Russ Heath.

The Blog to End All Wars (or something like that)

G I Combat 87 introduced the Haunted Tank with DC Silver Age art by Russ Heath

Will war art collectors go to war over these choice selections? I think the competition will be fierce.

This may not be the war ART to end all wars, but it is the end of this article courtesy of art connoisseur John Stuart.  Thank you, John, for sharing your passion for Russ Heath DC Silver Age war art.  Readers take note, John is an accomplished author. Specifically, he wrote a murder mystery in the field of original art called Cryptic Inks.  His book weaves mystery through the world of collecting original comic art.

For a couple more artists with a military background, check out my article, "War, What's It Good For" featuring art by Joe Kubert and Dick Ayers.

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