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Secret Invasion #3 of 8
Marvel Comics
Bendis, Yu, Morales & Martin

Let it be known that I loved the first two issues. So the fact that this issue disappointed me is like saying I had to settle for Miss December because the Playmate of the Year left me. This issue continues the paranoia and it ramps up the invasion. I loved the artwork in this issue and I loved the reveal of who is a Skrull. Or is he? But I was a little lost with all the “teams” entering the fray.

The issue begins with a nice overview of what has happened to date as well as a pictorial rundown of the major players. I cant emphasize enough how excellent this one page write up is to someone who reads about 8-10 Marvel titles a month. I don’t have a complete picture of the universe and this helps me enormously.

From here we get the fighting rolling. The helicarrier, the Thunderbolts, Camp Hammond with the new heroes in the Initiative to the Young Avengers are all shown and are all involved. It feels like it was a quick lap around the universe, but not quite everywhere. It uses a slower brand of chaos, it’s still building up. The most interesting part of this was that Hulking tries to talk some sense into the Skrulls. Whose side is he on?

Back in the Savage Land, the Skrull queen tells one major hero that he is a Skrull and has been for a while. He tells him how his name will live on forever in Skrull lore. This hero doesn’t believe her. This is interesting because this hero is such a major cog in most major Marvel storylines I could see some people freaking out about him being a Skrull since the 1970s. But, we don’t really know if he is a Skrull. It’s still confusing and this is what I love about it. It is just like the movie The Thing.

While in the Savage Land there appears to be a death of a B-level hero. I’m not sure if this person is dead or not, but it only helps to add to the confusion.

The comic ends with the entrance of another team hoping to turn the tables on the Skrulls. This part had me at a loss. I don’t know if this group had come back in a different series and I wasn’t aware of it or if this was the big reveal of the issue. I was a little confused and I attribute it to not reading most of the team titles. It bugged me somewhat.

The artwork is excellent. The battles, the Skrulls, the hero entrances, the backgrounds, the earthquakes. It all looked excellent. How great was it to see Stark sweating from the virus. He looked so weak, so vulnerable. The artwork really fits this story very well.

The issue as a whole was great, but not the best. I suspect we will see much more in the next few issues. There are still plenty of more characters to pour into this thing. I am someone who doesn’t plan to read the tie-ins and so far I think I have a pretty complete story here. I do wish I knew more about the end of this issue, but I suspect I will be caught up with the nice recap page in the next issue.

4 out of 5 geek goggles

Secret Invasion #3 (of 8)

Secret Invasion #3 (of 8) (McNiven Variant Cover Edition)